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'Urinals fit for Shakespeare!' - photo from The Shakespeare, Manchester
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'P*ss Soap is provided' - photo from The Shakespeare, Manchester
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'Sinks at The Shakespeare' - photo from The Shakespeare, Manchester
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'Bog Roll on Cubicle Floor' - photo from The Shakespeare, Manchester
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The Shakespeare, Manchester

The Shakespeare
16 Fountain Street
Greater Manchester
M2 2AA
  Tel: 0161 834 55 15
Web: The Shakespeare

Added: 9/9/2008
Modified: 9/9/2008 1:35:45 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Shakespeare Pub is just round the corner from the HMV on Market St, on Fountain St, in the bustling city centre of Manchester.

You cant miss it, it is a large fronted building with black and white wooden panelling on the front.

Pop in and grab a bevvy. You might get a seat too, if you're lucky. Be warned, the proximity of this pub to the main shopping streets means that it can get very busy, and hot!

The beer in here is good, including Cask Ales. The Guinness is a top tipple. Food is also available, proper pub grub with chips!

Price wise, it's about average. However, this is a proper pub, unlike some trendy bars in Manchester, so that is a huge advantage over price.

The pub itself is quite dimly lit, with low ceilings and beams everywhere.

To find the toilets, walk to your right as you enter the pub.

The first thing you may notice is that the loos are rather dark. Infact the floor is quite p*ss ridden, quite possibly as a result of this, and given the popularity of this pub.

The flooring is dark terracota / brown, and there are black wall tiles up to waist height, after which there is a wooden and pink tiled divide, above the tiles are cream.

You'll find a posse of 4 urinals on one wall (to your right on entrance), the first 3 (from the left) are quite a nice round shape), the far right one is different. They are wall mounted, and had p*ss soaps in them.

The plumbing is kind of held up on a ledge (see photo), and there are a few wall tiles missing above.

Turn back around toward the entrance door, and you'll see two sinks, and a mirror. You should alwyas wash your hands if you plan on eating!

To the right is the hand dryer and a condom machine.

The toilet bowl was white with a battered brown seat, and the flush handle seemed a little loose.

No bog brush was provided.

The roll holder is massive, but on our visitation there was discarded roll on the floor too, nice.

Overall, this is a good pub, but the bogs are a little sh*tty.


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