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'Urinals' - photo from Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
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'Cubicle' - photo from Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
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'2008 - Decay' - photo from Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
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'2008 - Rusted Urinal Guards' - photo from Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
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Thirsty Scholar, Manchester

Thirsty Scholar
50 Wakefield Street
Greater Manchester
M1 5NP
  Tel: 0161 236 6071

Added: 11/4/2006
Modified: 9/16/2008 8:36:59 AM

Now here's a pub with a bit of character. its situated just under Oxford Road station in Manchester and is, as you my have guessed by the name, a student pub. It's just a short walk from the All Saints Campus and a great first step as you head into town after a hard day of studying. Not the largest pub in the world pub it doesn't need to be. The beer is a fair price and the Guiness aint bad which is always a bonus.

Now to the important bad of this review, the reason your sat here reading it. as you walk into this pub the first thing you see is the bar, but if you've already had a pint or two then you first stop might be sraight to you left. Once you open that door your presented wif an array or urinals and if you prefer a bit of privacy a cubicle. Fully functional unless u want a beer sh*t.

All in all a worthy drinking hole for students and drinkers alike.


Update September 2008..

This bar has gone down hill!

Firstly we arrived on a saturday night and noticed that there was no rock music, and none of the rock crowd that you used to get in here!

Secondly, a trip to the bar revealed no drinks promotions were on, we had to fork out 2.60 for John Smiths Bitter, though it did taste ok.

Finally, a trip to the bogs revealed yet more decay. The whole place is p*ss soaked, and in a state of disrepair. Walls are grubby, there are smashed tiles, and broken aparatus.

The worst example of this was perhaps the grills in the urinals, which have now completely rusted away, allowing people to throw cigarette butts, chewing gum, and god knows what down the loo (see photo).

The toilet cubicle was in an equally sh*te state.

What a shame


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