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'P*ss Trough or P*sser?' - photo from The Fab Cafe, Manchester
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'The not so "Fab" pipe work!' - photo from The Fab Cafe, Manchester
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'One Dump or Two!' - photo from The Fab Cafe, Manchester
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'Wash That Sh*t into Outer Space!' - photo from The Fab Cafe, Manchester
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The Fab Cafe, Manchester

The Fab Cafe
111 Portland Street
Greater Manchester
M1 6DN
  Tel: 0161 236 2019
Web: The Fab Cafe

Added: 3/24/2007
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Fab Cafe in Manchester is on Portland St, kind of sandwiched between many areas, the gay village, china town, and Oxford st.

The bar is a Sci-Fi bar, and it is amazing!

Not into Sci-Fi? Dont worry, you wont have it shoved down your throat, but it is well worth a visit.

The bar is full of sci-fi relics, props, promotional items. One personal favourite is the Dalek that sits next to the DJ area.

There are also video games to amuse yourself with, or just sit back witha pint of Tetley Bitter and marvel at all the posters and such on the wall.

The gents are down a step, off by the video games bit. Let's go see if the sh*tters are out of this world?

The bog room is quaintly lit, and the walls are all blue and red, nice colours! There is a trough and urinals, and two sh*tters, and sink area.

The room is a bit rundown, take the trough for instance, look up and notice that the cistern pipe is missing, mind you head for falling water! in fact, on my visit, there was a lot of wet on the floor!

The raised tiled bit for the trough is nice, but you also have the option of the two urinals for a p*ss, set on a blue wall, in good shape, and good p*ssers!

The toilet bowls are white with a black plastic seat, nothing special, but they were ok, smelt of sh*t a bit, but no complaints here.

There are two sinks to wash your hands, a dryer, and a ribbed condoms machine. The room could do with being a bit lighter, this bar has the ability to send you to sleep with its dim lighting.

Overall, a "Fab" bar, I recommend you visit the Fab Cafe in Manchester, or I beleive there are ones in Leeds and Liverpool too.

Good Sh*tters! Good Bar!


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