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'A Quality P*ss Stone!' - photo from Windsor Vaults Hotel, Rhyl
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'Rhyl P*ss Soaps!' - photo from Windsor Vaults Hotel, Rhyl
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'Sh*t Out That Tetleys!' - photo from Windsor Vaults Hotel, Rhyl
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'Paper Towels, Genius!' - photo from Windsor Vaults Hotel, Rhyl
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Windsor Vaults Hotel, Rhyl

Windsor Vaults Hotel
39-41 Kinmel Street
LL18 1AG
  Tel: 01745 353117

Added: 4/7/2007
Modified: 4/5/2012 9:20:42 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

We stumbled into this pub quite unexpectedly, as there was an offer in the window for drinks at 1 a pint between 6 and 7pm, monday to friday, a bargain!

From the outside, this pub does not look like a gem, but enter the front door... you are then prompted with two options, to your right is a little bar room and toilets, and to your left is the main bar area, and pool room.

We went right to begin with, what a gem, a quality old pub, wih fitted seating areas, probably last decorated 20 years ago, and gleaming with goodness for it!

The bar maid suggested we went into the main area (on the left), where we were told there was pool too, so we did.

The pound a pint offer came up trumps, we had a choice of Carling, Carlsberg, Tetley Bitter or Worthingtons, and it was delicious!

The bar was well stocked with other drinks, including Corky's White Chocolate Vodka, and they had Bacon Fries and Cheese Moments too.

The decoration was also dated but brilliant here too, there are flags and football shirts all oer the ceiling, and Manchester United memorabilia.

Everyone seemed friendly, if a little p*ssed for 6pm.

We retired down a few steps for a game of pool, 50p a go, and a good table.

Before long, and with the cheap Tetley Bitter working it's magic, it was time to go for a sh*t.

As mentioned, the bogs are in the other bar area, on the right of the entrance.

Even the bog room doors are classily tatty, but the bogs inside are a beaut!

Through the initial door you go down a little hall way which has no lighting, the walls are blue throughout, and after the alley way, you have a quality p*ss stone on your left, and a bog on the right, also the sink opposite.

The room is equally as tatty as the pub, a big window lets light in over the L shaped p*sser. It is white stone, on white tiling, blending well onto the blue walls, the cistern comes from up above the cente of the L Shape (see photo), there are a good selection of blue p*ss stones, and a pipe comes from the sink to empty it's water too.

Therefore, if you p*ssed in the sink, your p*ss would also end up in the urinal, genius!

The bog at the other end is another beauty. Also in a blue room, quite spacious. You wil turn round to lock the door for your sh*t and be a little suspicious as to whether the lock actually works or not!

Nice features include the holes in the walls, and the p*ss soaked floor, which you must sit your shoes and trousers in whilst sh*tting!

There was a big white bog roll holder, and a bin on hand too, but not bog brush. The bog itself is white with a light wooden seat, it flushed well, but I left tramlines!

Out to the sink, and this sink is typical of many in rhyl. Cold on the normal tap, and hot via a little electrical device (see photo). There was no soap, but who gives a sh*t, paper towles too, a dying breed! Chuck your paper towels in the bin, and return to the pub!

Overall, a beauty of a pub, fantastic timeless bogs, and 1 drinks! Fantastic, well recommended!


There is currently 1 comment about Windsor Vaults Hotel, Rhyl

#1: Comment left by mike of towyn

“it is still a rundown pub need refubishment or knocking down same as the deadheads that go there say nomore”

Date: 4/3/2012 7:07:28 PM

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