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'Chinese Toilet!' - photo from China Buffet Restaurant, Manchester
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'Nice Metal P*ss Trough!' - photo from China Buffet Restaurant, Manchester
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'Always wash your hands!' - photo from China Buffet Restaurant, Manchester
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China Buffet Restaurant, Manchester

China Buffet Restaurant
16 Nicholas Street
Greater Manchester
M1 4EJ
  Tel: 0161 236 2041

Added: 5/5/2007
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The China Buffet Restaurant, as the name suggests, is a Chinese Food Buffet
Restaurant located in China Town in Manchester.

The restarant is located downstairs from another restaurant, why not take a
trip down, you wont regret it!

You will be met by a member of staff at the bottom of the stairs, who will
show you to an appropriately sized table.

Parallel to the front, you will immediately see the long section of food
available, and your mouth will be immediately watering.

One thing first though, order some drinks, a bottle of wine maybe, draught or
bottled beer, or spirits. The drinks selection is good, and reasonably priced.

Oh yes, price, the buffet will be less than a tenner (8.95 normally), go on,
get to it, grab your first plate full and stuff your face!

Theres just about everything on the menu. Need a starter, perhaps soup or
samosa, oh prawn crackers, then get tucked into the main food, im not going to
list it all, but you must get 4 or 5 plates full down you before going back
for dessert that consists of cakes, jelly, ice cream, fruit, lychees.

The food is absolutely excellent, Duck, Chicken, Beef, dozens of sauces, rice,
noodles, veg, sushi. Fantastic stuff!

The layout of the restaurant is good, well spaced, well lit tables. You simply
get up and get more scran as and when you'd like to, and the waiters /
waitresses will collect your empty plates etc.

All that food, 6 plates stacked high, I need to visit the sh*tter!

The bogs are at the back of the restaurant, down the same corridor as the
bring the food from!

The gents are on the right, open the door to find a singular sh*t house on
your right, a sink to your immediate left, and a metal p*ss trough opposite.

The bog was white, with a white seat, but had p*ss and bog roll draped over it when i visited!
Other than that it looked ok. It had a white bod brush and a big white roll dispenser on hand too.

The decor is cream tiling with a pattern at the mid section, see pictures, and the floor tiles are creamy too.

I only needed to Syphon The Python, so i went out to the metal trough. A nice
p*sser it is too, obviously well used, a good set of yellow p*ss soaps are provided for your enjoyment.

It is metal piped from the top, and plastic piped below, see picture, it is suspended on the wall.

The singular white sink sits in a small area near the entrance to the gents, nested with a bin, radiator, mirror and dryer. All in good order!

A great way to experience China Town, Excellent Value, and good Toilets!


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