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'Nice Urinals and Tiling!' - photo from Premier Travel Inn, Leeds
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'The Premier Bowl Room!' - photo from Premier Travel Inn, Leeds
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'Dirty Splatter!' - photo from Premier Travel Inn, Leeds
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'Wash your hands before eating!' - photo from Premier Travel Inn, Leeds
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Premier Travel Inn, Leeds

Premier Travel Inn
City West Once Office Park
West Yorkshire
LS12 6LX
  Tel: 0870 990 6448
Fax: 0870 990 6449
Web: Premier Travel Inn

Added: 5/21/2007
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Premier Travel Inn, Leeds West location, is situated near the Elland Road Football Stadium, just off the M621, and easily accesible for those travelling from Manchester and the North West or England.

A you might expect in a City Location, the hotel is quite large, and is situated on an industrial type estate. There was plenty of free parking spaces on my arrival (approx 5pm), there may be less spaces later on.

The Rooms in the hotel are a good price, and a good size. Nice comfy beds, bath and shower, television and wifi internet access. I had no complaints, all was clean and nice.

Downstairs is a restaurant and bar, also known as "Barest", where you may also be having breakfast the morning after your stay.

On the subject of Breakfast, it is excellent value. Given the choice, take the 7.50 Premier Breakfast option, which gives you access to both the continental and cooked selections, as well as Costa Coffee, Twinings Tea and Fruit Juices. The continental selection includes Kellogg's Cereals, Granola Creations, Porridge, Bloomer Bread, Croissants, Muffins, Fresh Fruit Salad and Yeo Valley Organic Yoghurts. The Cooked Breakfast selection includes Premium Pork Sausages, Vegetarian Sausages, Back Bacon, Eggs, Button Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Heinz Baked Beans. Plus all the condiments and sauces you'll require.

The best part about the breakfast, and the reason I've listed it all, is that it is Eat As Much As You Like, so make sure you stuff yourself! Breakfast is from 6:30am to 9am.

Food is also available at lunch, and at night the diner is very busy. The usual pub / hotel scran really, Starters , Sides, Steaks and Grills, Classics, Seafood, Salad, Pasta and Pizza are the sctions on the menu.

The evening food was good, not brilliant though, a little greasy / overcooked. I had a pizza, meat feast, with a side of chips on my first night's stay. Weighed in at a little under a tenner.

Boddingtons was a good pint at 2.30 though, very refreshing.

The wine list has 20 or so offerings, and bar drinks include Stella, Guinness and several bottles, as well as the aformentioned Boddingtons.

As for atmosphere, the usual for a travel lodge I guess, as people come and go, the staff seemed friendly enough.

The Bar Toilets are located in the foyer of the travel inn, 3 seperate doors for Ladies, Gents and Disbled, lets select the gents...

On entrance, there are 3 urinals to your left, sink and mirror opposite, and a sh*thouse to your right.

The p*ss pots seemed very good. 3 white urinals set on a green and white tiled wall, with a grey / charcoal tiled floor. There were p*ss soaps too.

The sink area features a single wash basin, with central tap, a mirror, soap, and a Condomi vending machine. The hand dryer is opposite, by the door. All seemed in good shape.

Next is the sh*t house. The pan room was quite big. It housed a white bowl with white seat, a roll holder, but no bog brush. Curiously there was an extra roll just sat there on the floor, trying to soak up any stray p*ss.

Take a closer look at the pan in the photo, not only is there a good beery p*ss, with head on it, but some dirty f*cker has sprayed sh*t all over the pan, good effort!

Overall, not the best place in the world, but convenient, friendly, and good for the money, with good sh*tters.


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