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'Hang Up Your Coat!' - photo from Macclesfield Masonic Hall, Macclesfield
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'Nice Urinal Arrangement!' - photo from Macclesfield Masonic Hall, Macclesfield
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'A Lovely Bog!' - photo from Macclesfield Masonic Hall, Macclesfield
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Macclesfield Masonic Hall, Macclesfield

Macclesfield Masonic Hall
1 Riseley St
SK10 1BW
  Tel: 01625 423 286

Added: 6/8/2007
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Masonic Hall Macclesfield is the hide out of The Freemasons in
Macclesfield. Often shrouded in Mystery, Freemasonry can make a fascinating
conversation. However, we are here to have a few frinks, and to check out some

The hall is tucked away on Risely Street. You can find it off Prestbury Road,
off Chester Road / Chestergate, within p*ssing distance of The Plough Inn.

A grand building will greet you as you approch Risely Street. Set amongst
trees and foliage, walk up the steps and enter the hall.

You will be in a little ahllway here, enter to your left to go to the bar are,
and to your right for the main hall.

We were here for a wedding party, the festivities of which took place in the
main hall, however, the bar was the essential first stop.

The bar is a good size, in a good sized not too posh room. On the bar were
some good choices, how about a John Smiths at 2.10 a pint, or the drink of
the evening, A Double Jack Daniels and Irn Bru!

I think this one was inspired by a cheeky 2 litre Irn Bru bottle behind the
bar, and the fact that spirts were cheap, 1.50 upwards.

There is a pool table in this room, but a notice informs you that it is
"STRICTLY MEMBERS ONLY". And also you have to put money in a meter to use the
table light.

The one amusing feature here is a pool chalk on a piece of elastic, hanging
down from the ceiling!

Right, lets check out the main hall...

Yeah, a nice big hall, great for large receptions such as weddings. A big
dancefloor and seating areas are accomodated, and the atmosphere was good.

Those that had had the wedding meal here ealier said it was some real top

Reet, to the bogs with all that scran and drink to dispose of!

Open the gents door, and the first thing you will see is a coat hanging area,
with plenty of pegs. Unusual yes, but great to see, it would be nice to see
more pubs employing this pub toilets feature!

After here, to your right are 4 urinals in a small, but comfortable, L-shape

Carry on past these to find a bog on the far-right wall, or go left for the
sink area.

Generally, I was well pleased with the sh*thouse and p*ss pots. Considering
how busy it was there was still bog roll, and no stray sh*te or wee.

The sinks worked well, with soap on hand, and the icing on the cake was the
old-school primary-school-esque pull-round blue hand towel!

Excellent stuff, a lovely place, and the bogs are the real sh*t!


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