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'Urinals in a P*ss Stone' - photo from Chester Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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'Soaps and Filters' - photo from Chester Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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'the urinal grid' - photo from Chester Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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'Sinks, Map of Scotland' - photo from Chester Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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'Toilet, nice old brush' - photo from Chester Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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Chester Road Tavern, Macclesfield

Chester Road Tavern
18 Chester Road
SK11 8DG
  Tel: 01625 424 683

Added: 9/10/2008
Modified: 9/10/2008 10:06:51 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Chester Road Tavern is located on the town end of Chester Road, opposite a few shops, not far from the Catholic Church.

It is quite an old pub, and on entrance you will feel a warm and cosy atmosphere.

The pub is divided into several drinking chambers, and is decorated with brassware, sporting trophies, art, and other oddities such as stuffed owls!

The bar is in a room to your left as you enter, where you'll also find regulars stood watching sport on the telly.

There are a number of beers to choose from, cheap and tasty too. Try out Boddingtons Bitter!

Choose a room and relax with your pint, or venture out back to the covered smoking area.

If you dont smoke, you'll be stuck in a bit of a maze when trying to find the toilets. In short, follow the pub around to its rear, and you'll find the gents door before long.

Its worth the trip though, these toilets contain the unusual, but not unheard of, combo of urinals in a p*ss stone (see photo).

An old p*ss stone sits in its original position on the wall, but at some point 3 urinal basins / bowls have been installed onto it. The urinals are a nice round shape, and have their exit pipes deposit your pee into the old stone!

The stone is set against a petterned white tiled wall, and the floor is of black tiles.

Each urinal bowl has a green filter, and blue soaps, keeping the room smelling fresh and in good order.

By the grid on the stone, you will see all the p*ss collecting around some old fag ends.

In the sink area there are two sink basins, set under a map of Scotland for some reason. To their left is a dryer, and there is an air freshener stuck on the wall. There is also a mirror above a radiator. All aparatus functioned smoothly.

The toilet cubicle houses a white bowl, with a white seat that is showing signs of yellowing. The flooring in here is of lighter tiles. There is an old loo brush, and a strange enclosed box to the right of the loo (when stood up) which presumably contains some plumbing for the toilets.

The Chester Road Tavern comes highly recommended, and the toilets are full of treats for enthusiasts!


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