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'2 nice urinals at Ashoka' - photo from Ashoka Restaurant, Manchester
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'A suave sink at Ashoka' - photo from Ashoka Restaurant, Manchester
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'Dry your hands!' - photo from Ashoka Restaurant, Manchester
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'Nice bog-roll stand!' - photo from Ashoka Restaurant, Manchester
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Ashoka Restaurant, Manchester

Ashoka Restaurant
105-107 Portland St
Greater Manchester
M1 6DF
  Tel: 0161 228 7550

Added: 11/12/2007
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Ashoka is an Indian Restaurant on Portland Street in central Manchester, sandwiched by a Mexican Restaurant and a Chinese Buffet, just up the road from the Fab Cafe, and kind of nestled mid way between China Town and the Gay Village on Portland St.

Many people will be amused at the name "A Shocker". It had to be given a try simply on the ground of the name, and we're glad we did try it.

A nicely decorated large restaurant greets you at the top of the entrance stairs, lots of large pieces of brass provide the focal point, and the waiters are friendly.

One thing that impressed us most was the speed of service. We ordered, then the popadoms arrived straight away, promply followed by the starters, and the main, all of which were extremely tasty, and we would definately recommend a visit.

To drink, there was a selection of beers, Kingfisher being the lager I think, and a good wine list.

prices were good too, starter, main, drinks etc and weighing in at around 15-20 a head.

After popadoms and pcikles, shish kebab starter, chicken jalfrezi with pilau rice and psehwari nan, it was definately time for a visit to the toilets.

The toilets werent "A Shocker" either, in fact they were nice and very well kept.

you enter the larg gents room to see urinals to your right, sinks to their right, and the lavatory at the far side. Hand dryers are on your left from the entrance.

There are just two urinals, well spaced, and well piped from a cistern above, they site well on the patterned walls, and there is a bonus feature of a pull-string air conditioner / fan, to the left of the left urinal. This will prove a genius idea in a long hot summer, for dispersing of p*ss smells.

The sinks are exquisite, a long marble type work to suspended on the wall, with sinks cut out, and a large oblong mirror to match, see picture, this is wonderfull furniture for a toilet. Soaps and all too!

Opposite is the hand dryer, nothing special, but it did the job. If i had one quibble, it would be that the dryer switched off to hastily, a pain when theres a queue no doubt.

Finally, we check out the toilet bowl. It is plain, an unusual shape, white with a moulded white lid, it was well kept, with a silver colour flush button behind.

The best feature here is the toilet roll stand, which you can move to a position of your choice at will, nice!

Overall, top notch scran, nice bogs, shockingly good. We left well satisfied with our free chocolate mint after paying the bill.


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