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'The Counting Hose Disabled Toilet.' - photo from The Counting House, Congleton
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'3 Nice P*ssers!' - photo from The Counting House, Congleton
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'The cubicles, nice wood-work!' - photo from The Counting House, Congleton
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'2 more p*ss-pans!' - photo from The Counting House, Congleton
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'The three sinks by the window' - photo from The Counting House, Congleton
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The Counting House, Congleton

The Counting House
18 Swan Bank
CW12 1AH
  Tel: 01260 272654
Web: The Counting House

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Well well, what have we here? A Wetherspoons in Congleton?

Yes, and a very nice one it is too.

A very spacious and large building, well decorated and well presented. This pub shows how good Wetherspoon pubs can be.

Fancy some food? The almost generic Spoon's menu is on offer here, offers such as 2 meals for 5.50 e.t.c. The new Chicken Burger is a good offering.

For a drink, how about San Miguel on draught at 1.85 a pint? or if you're saving the pennies then go for Fosters at 1.49

Toilets wise.... Well i was sat near a back door to outdoor tables when i spotted a toilet sign.

Turns out it was the disabled toilet, radar key, but it had been left open so i took a peek (yes a peek, not a pee). Plenty of space, all the usual hand rails, low toilet and low sink. extras include a sanitation bin.

Up the main stairs to the main toilets, and time to take in more of the interesting architecture on offer. Through a maze of doors, we come to the gents loos.

Through the door we are greeted by a square shaped room, 3 urinals opposite, 3 sinks to the left and 3 sh*thouses to the right! A big window above the sinks provides plenty of light to the room.

But wait, shut the door and turn round... There are another 2 p*ssers on the wall by the door, a great use of space, nice one!

The p*ss pots are seperated by wall constructions, so you can wee in peace and without getting anyone else's trousers! This is true of both sets of urinals, a very enjoyable way to slash!

The cubicles are good too, nice strong wooden doors, and lots of room to fart!

Bog roll a plenty, but no brusehes in here!

the sink area is clean and tidy, soap dispensers are well stocked and the hand dryer works a treat.

All in all i spent a good hour or so in this J.D. Wetherspoon pub today, and it was an hour well spent.

Nice Food, good beer prices and attractive bogs, what more can you ask for.


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