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'Black Bull Urinal' - photo from Black Bull, Leyland
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'Sink, Window, Door' - photo from Black Bull, Leyland
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'Jonny Machine, the bog' - photo from Black Bull, Leyland
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'Nice White Bog' - photo from Black Bull, Leyland
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'Blue P*ss Soap!' - photo from Black Bull, Leyland
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Black Bull, Leyland

Black Bull
School Lane
  Tel: 01772 422 899

Added: 4/7/2008
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Black Bull is located in Leyland, near Preston, in Lancashire.

It is quite a large pub really, with many seating areas, both for food and for drinking, and the pub boasts a large car park.

If you are visiting the prison, HMP Garth, Leyland is just a few miles away, and the Black Bull will make an ideal stop off point.

We came to the bar at around 12:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, to be told that food was not served until 1pm. Whilst this was a little disappointing, we opted for a liquid lunch of John Smith's Bitter, which was very tasty.

The bar staff were friendly and made us feel welcome.

A notice behind the bar was quite amusing, reading "All Under 20s must leave the pub by 7:30pm".

Another similar notice near the main door reads "We Serve Drinks, Not Drunks!"

Perhaps the pub has seen too much drunken rowdyness in the past, and now Zero Tolerance rules!

Anyway, we relaxed with our pints under some beams on comfy seats by a pool table, which was free!

All in all, it comes across as a nice pub, let us check the toilets out...

The bogs are situated by the front door, in a large spacious room.

The walls are creamed tiled to the top, and dark grey/blue tiled to the bottom, with a nice border.

There is a hug metal p*ss trough, as the room's main feature.

It smelt clean enough, I had a good p*ss in it, onto bright blue p*ss soaps! nice!

There are two sh*t houses, by the condom machine.

All was well, plenty of bog roll, but someboday had done a dirty sh*t not long ago, and the smell was still present.

Back out to near the urinal trough, and there is a mirror, a sink and a hand dryer.

Next to the sink you will find a soap dispenser filled with Blackcurrant/Berry flavoured hand foam.

Incedentally, for those in the know, this is the same hand foam used by The BBC at their Manchester Oxford Road "New Broadcasting House" !

Overall, a smashing place, and good solid bogs, come down and have a pint and a crap!


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