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'Nice Big Sh*thouse' - photo from The Plough Inn, Macclesfield
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'Rest your pint on the p*sser' - photo from The Plough Inn, Macclesfield
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'The Plough Cistern!' - photo from The Plough Inn, Macclesfield
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'Wash your hands' - photo from The Plough Inn, Macclesfield
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The Plough Inn, Macclesfield

The Plough Inn
30 - 32 Prestbury Rd
SK10 1AU
  Tel: 01625 422 097

Added: 4/8/2008
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Plough Inn is situated on Prestbury Road, just down from the crossroads of Chestergate and Chester Road.

The pub should not be confused with the other, now closed, Plough Inn pub, which was on Station St, near the Toyota garage, in Macclesfield.

Right, now we've cleared that up, lets walk down the road towards this pub. From the outside, it is difficult to judge the size of the pub. At night, you will see Green Lighting blasting out from the top of the pub. This must be a bit annoying for the neighbours, but I guess you'd easily get used to it.

The "Green" hides an inner Irish theme to the pub.

OK, so let's go in. The first thing you'll notice is that it is actually quite a large pub, with a pool room, several seating areas, and a good sized bar.

The place is well decoarated in wood and upholstery, and contains several nautical and titanic themed items as ornamental features.

On the bar is Tetley Bitter and Black Sheep, along with the usual suspects such as Guinness. I think the lager was Carlsberg.

The staff seemed friendly, and it was soon time to sit down and drink, and take in the scenery.

Even on a cold Sunday Night, the pub was busy.

There is a smoking area outside to the rear, past the entrance to the toilets...

Enter the gents, and you'll be in for quite a treat!

The room itself is fairly "bog standard", i.e white/cream walls and red/brown floor tiling.

You will notice a huge p*ss stone on your left hand side as you enter.

It has an unusal, but brilliant, feature..

There is a wooden shelf at the top of the p*sser, with semi circles cut out for each standee.

This is amazing, you can bring your pint in with you while you go for a wee. You could even have a game of cards with the chap stood next to you, then pee on his shoes if he cheated!

I presume in times gone that this shelf housed ash trays too.

Look up from the urinal, and you will find a nice clean white cistern, which is accompanied by two advertising frames to it's left and right.

Opposite the p*ss stone are two sinks, a mirror and a hand towel dispenser.

Tesco Value hand soap was on hand, and the taps worked a treat.

At the far end of the room, by the sinks, is the single gents sh*tter.

The toilet cubicle was quite large, and housed a white bog with a dark brown wooden seat.

When sat, there is a loo roll on a simple holder to your right, and a grey bog brush to your left.

Stand up and turn round to inspect your dump, and you may also find a spare arse roll on top of the white bog cistern.

Wipe your bum, flush the sh*t away, wash your hands, then return to the bar for another bevvie!

Splendid! 8/10

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