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'Toilet Roll Discarded!' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'Ronnies Urinal!' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'Now wash your hands!' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'toilet covered in hand towels' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'the view from the sink' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'Do Not Flush Hand Towels' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'an artistic shot' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'Lounge Bar Gents Toilet' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'Ronnies Lounge Sink' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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'Ronnie's Sh*tter, in a sorry state' - photo from Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield
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Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield

Ronnies Bar
Ground Floor, Dukes Court
SK11 6NN
  Tel: 01625 665 050
Web: Ronnies Bar

Added: 4/22/2008
Modified: 7/12/2010 5:17:32 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Ronnie's Bar is situated in Duke's Court in Macclesfield, on the Ground Floor, underneath Toast Bar (formerly Kusch Too).

Ronnie's has itself has been various Cafe's and Bar's in the past.

It suits the courtyard well, enabling the establishment to place tables and heaters outside for summer drinks, smokers, and general overspill.

The bar attracts a crowd best described as "trendy". It is a good crowd, with a nice and friendly atmosphere.

The music is a good mix, and not too loud.

The indoor area is constructed in some old arch shaped rooms, which make for both interesting and intimate decoration.

Reach the bar, and you will find the prices are a bit inflated compared to elsewhere in town, but that is the norm for this type of Trendy Bar.

A Pint of Boddington's Bitter weighs in at around the 3 Mark.

Grab a pint, listen to some music, have a chat, then check out the sh*t houses!

The bogs are through a door on your left if you are entering the pub from the front.

To the back of the gents first, and we find a lone toilet cubicle. The plain white bog was nothing special. It was clean, but there was discarded bog roll on the floor, not to everyone's taste.

The walls are light / grey / cream in paint color.

The metal urinal trough is set against black tiles, which contrast well with the plain walls.

The Urinal Cistern is also painted black, a nice finidhing touch!

Opposite the p*sser, and by the door, you will find a nice quaint little sink.

It is on a black plinth, with a mirror on the wall, and a hand paper dispenser to your right.

Like the urinals, this has been thought out well, and there is even some hand wash available!

Overall, Not bad, Popular, but perhaps not to everyone's taste and budget. Good, though small, Bogs too!


Update - October 2008:

We came back to Ronnie's Bar last weekend. A good time was had by all, the place was buzzing, DJ Dan (formerly of Beba) was brilliant, then new front bar and tents were sublime!

Boddingtons Bitter is a bit steep at 2.80 a pint, but I guess the beer prices pay or the entertainment and upkeep of the bar.

There were lots of people in, having a good time, and lots of japery was going on.

A trip to the bogs wasnt so favourable though. The urinal and sink area was fine, however the toilet cubicle had been left in a bit of a mess.

Somebody had left discarded hand towels all over it. A bin was provided, but hadnt been used for this waste paper.

It was nice to see the silver bog brush again.

As the bog room has it's own sink, I think this discarding of hand towel is inevitable, especially in disregard of the new sign / notice...


Oh well, although this must happen a lot, it is easily cleared up, and the bog aparatus itself was in a good state of cleanliness.

Still 7/10 - A very much recommended bar.


Update 2009:

The front building in the Dukes Court complex has now been converted into a separate little lounge bar at Ronnie's. It is warm, with a plasma tv, and the live music relayed via speakers.

Grab a Hoegaarden, or whatever you prefer, and enjoy!

The front bar also has its own loos, down a corridor to the back...

There is one cubicle for Gents, and one for Ladies, each houses a near identical setup.

The cubicles are of good size, with a white loo housed comfortably. On hand was a stainless steel toilet brush, matching the toilet roll dispenser and hand dryer.

The sink area is very neat, white and house under a pair of nice looking black tiles. Hot and Cold taps push on and off, and there was Carex soap.

My only quibble here was that the hand dryer blew cold, oh, and the p*ss puddle on the floor.

A buzzin bar, you really should check out Ronnie's Bar.



Update July 2010:

We came for a beer at Ronnie's on Friday Night, a nice pint of Boddies... the crapper in the main bar / lounge area was looking a bit sorry for itself though...

The seat was askew, covered in paper and p*ss, and the paper dispenser had been removed from the wall, and was on the floor.

Not in a great state of maintenance - could do better!


There are currently 4 comments about Ronnies Bar, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Johnny Marr of Manchester

“I had a night at Ronnies bar to meet some musician friends! some great music played and a great night!


Date: 10/18/2008 5:29:50 PM

#2: Comment left by Matthew of Macclesfield

“Putting hand towels down the bog should be a hangable offence, as Me and Hans were saying. Ronnies is defo the bar of the faces, but hell I can not afford it on a regular basis”

Date: 10/22/2008 8:25:35 PM

#3: Comment left by John of Macclesfield

“vomit dried round the outside of toilet, and 8 quid a double?”

Date: 8/5/2009 8:09:29 PM

#4: Comment left by Lisa of Macclesfield

“Saw some poor American get beat up by the Ronnie's bouncer. She wasn't drunk & he started it put her in a coke hold and even kicked her in the ribs a few times! Bit of a Dick! Tiny girl was tossed around till police showed up. Awful sight!”

Date: 4/17/2010 2:07:59 AM

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