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'Lovely Barracuda Sinks!' - photo from The Silkworm, Macclesfield
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'A Cracking P*ss Stone!' - photo from The Silkworm, Macclesfield
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'plenty of room for a sh*t!' - photo from The Silkworm, Macclesfield
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'2010 - wet area near door' - photo from The Silkworm, Macclesfield
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'2010 - same sink area' - photo from The Silkworm, Macclesfield
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'2010 - urinal still looking good' - photo from The Silkworm, Macclesfield
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'2010 - new metal toilet bowls' - photo from The Silkworm, Macclesfield
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The Silkworm, Macclesfield

The Silkworm
91-95 Mill Street
SK11 6NN
  Tel: 01625 437 023
Web: The Silkworm

Added: 4/24/2008
Modified: 9/20/2010 4:41:52 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Silkworm is the new name for Barracuda Bar, following a refit and re-opening in October 2008.

Below is the original review for Barracuda Bar, with Silkworm updates at the bottom. We may get some bog updates at some point, but we suspect they are the same loos.


Barracuda Bar is located on Mill St, in the heart of Macclesfield's nightlife district.

The pub is situated within part of the old Majestic Cinema. Prior to becoming Barracuda, it also had a short life as The Litten Tree pub.

The bar is long and large, with a high capacity and great music on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.

During the week, or in daytime, the bar provides an excellent arrange of food, and shows Sky Sports on it's numerous television sets.

As mentioned, the pub is in the old cinema building, and big-game football matches are actually shown on the old cine screen, viewable from the Balcony area.

On the bar are the usual array of drinks on draught, and also a good bottles, spirits and wines selection.

The food is excellent. They do a massive combo meal for 20 which has absolutely everything on it, even black pudding! Get one to share, or if you're a fat f*cker, get one for yourself!

The bar has a good reputation and atmosphere.

There is also an outdoor smoking area.

The sh*t houses are located at the rear of the establishment, underneath the balcony area.

Turn to your left to enter the gents...

To your left you will see an attractive array of wash basins, white with a dark marble-esqe worktop, free standing and set under a huge gold rimmed mirror!

The wall areas are light green painted, with black tiling around the basins.

Turn opposite, and you will see a tremendous white p*ss stone, with a raised area to stand upon from the black/charcoal coloured tiled floor.

The urinal was clean on our visit, and had soaps to play p*ss polo with.

At the end of the room on the sink side are the toilet cubicles.

The bogs are all white, with a white seat. There is also a large white roll dispenser, and disabled access bars everywhere, also an adequate amount of room for you to manoeuvre your arse onto the bowl.

The doors didn't have a lock on our visit, which was a shame, but I shouldnt imagine it's a great place to have a sh*t on a busy club night.

We'd pop out to Jar Bar or the White Lion if you need to pebbledash the pan!

All in all, a cracking little place, if you like big busy night bars!



The Silkworm opened in October 2008 and has been well received. Good food, and good drink including Coors Light Lager!

The dancefloor bit is now sectioned off to give the impression of a busier pub earlier on, doors are opened up late in the evening.

Speaking of door, the pub now has a new entrance. The door staff and bar staff alike are very friendly.

A good pub!



Update - April 2010:

We decided to revisit Silkworm in Macclesfield, for a number of reasons, mainly:

1. The pub review here seems to be attracting many comments.

2. We had been given a flyer asking us to comeback and try the new improved pub, which apparently featured refurbished toilets!

The pub was very pleasant during the day, and had live FA Cup football on. We had a few pints of John Smith's Bitter, some Cider, and some Food.

Food wise we had various meals between us, a great Chilli Burger, a Bean Chilli and a Lasagne to name a few.

We were a little disappointed by the non-availability of the Rocky-Road Chicken, ut hey, these things happen.

The staff were friendly and efficient, and the food was very tasty, if a little luke-warm for some of us.

Food came fast, went down fast too. The beer and scran combo soon resulted in a trip to the "new" toilets...

On entrance, there was a big puddle of water near the door, not a great start, but they did have a wet floor sign out.

The wall colouring is more blue than the greener original, the sink area looked the same, pretty much, as before.

Again, this big long urinal stone was the same as before, and looked in good order.

Into the cubicles, and here are the new loos. Gone are the porcelain / plastic loos, and in are metal ones, with metal concealed cisterns.

Metal bogs are not everyone's cup of tea, but are easy to clean and maintain.

Reading some of the comments for this pub, we suspect it is very busy at night, and the pub and loos can easily fall behind standard, so easy maintenance, with metal toilets, should be a good thing.

Still a Good Pub, with Good Loos - 7/10

There are currently 10 comments about The Silkworm, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Cyril of Macclesfield

“In October 2008 this pub became The Silkworm (A Smith and Jones pub)

Smith & Jones is a brand of the Barracuda group.

Essentially it has just had a paint job, and looks a bit more suave.

The opening night was good, free drinks for VIPs, can't be bad!”

Date: 10/4/2008 12:11:27 PM

#2: Comment left by Leah of Macclesfield

“lets just say i wont be eating there again and neither will my friends after the service was bad and food not cooked well enough. Also i've had a bad experience with one of the bar staff who told me to f*ck off when i asked for abit more coke in my vodka and coke i did make a complaint to the manager he told me it was the 3rd complaint about this certain young person he'd had that nite and would be dealing with him after the shif had finished. But i was shocked to see him still working there last night if i was running that placehat person would of been sacked never had any complaints when it was Barraccudas shame it had to change.”

Date: 11/9/2008 2:11:57 PM

#3: Comment left by Peter of Wigan

“Hello! The Silkworm is the best pub ever and has a lot of food variety. I had briliant food here and it was brilliant. If you go out at night to it The Silkworm has entertainment and DJ's at night it's well good poww !! and the Sambuca was well mint too luv ya all !!!!! :P”

Date: 12/25/2008 3:14:56 PM

#4: Comment left by Jake of Macclesfield

“The Silkworm has recently gone downhill - the toilets are filthy and the crowd is very scally. This is not the place to be if you want a good night out- the bouncers become "mates" with the scallys and all in all the atmosphere is dull, the music is not commercial and is done by possibly one of the worst DJ's I have ever ever heard! Not recommended”

Date: 4/16/2009 5:39:24 PM

#5: Comment left by John of Macclesfield

“I agree Jake, the place is a dive - rockport clad chavs a plenty so keep well away, it was much better when it was Barracuda. Can we turn back the clock and send all the Chavs back too please?”

Date: 4/29/2009 11:46:30 PM

#6: Comment left by Nathan Mayers of Macclesfield

“The bouncers in this place are scum!!!! allowing access to the chavs and then man handling honest, decent hard working genuine people such as myself out of the vicinity! I hope this place runs out of business fast as I was appauled as to the conduct of the bouncers on the door”

Date: 6/7/2009 2:32:57 AM

#7: Comment left by Jon Pidduck of Macclesfield

“What wonderful clientele this establishment has. Only the other week whilst I was in there, all the chavs (presumable the regulars) were having a right good game of chuck the glass bottles around. It turned into a splendid blood bath, at which point I was inclined to leave.

Not recommended if you you don't want a glass bottle smashing in your face.”

Date: 6/7/2009 4:28:38 PM

#8: Comment left by Tracey of Macclesfield

“My son aged 16 was assaulted by one of the door staff of this establishment. I have seen youngsters as young as 14 being allowed entrance without being asked for their ID's. This place is a disgrace to our town!”

Date: 1/13/2010 12:56:48 PM

#9: Comment left by Robert of Macclesfield

“The pub should be closed, its disgusting! My daughter went in it today; she was abused by a group in the pub who threw abuse at everyone else in the place! The staff did nothing to stop the yobs!

The toilets were in a disgusting state. The seats were sticky to sit on, I have never seen a dump like it anywhere.”

Date: 2/10/2010 7:20:29 PM

#10: Comment left by Georgina of Macclesfield

“I would like to say The Silkworm has now closed down and is called The Majestic!!! with its modern / old feel its a great place to wine and dine alike!!! Come down and have a try!!!”

Date: 9/13/2010 6:07:37 PM

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