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'Travellers Rest Pan!' - photo from The Travellers Rest, Macclesfield
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'Have a wee!' - photo from The Travellers Rest, Macclesfield
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'Dry your hands.' - photo from The Travellers Rest, Macclesfield
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'Cistern + Drugs Sign' - photo from The Travellers Rest, Macclesfield
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The Travellers Rest, Macclesfield

The Travellers Rest
27 Cross St
SK11 7PG
  Tel: 01625 422 822

Added: 5/4/2008
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Traveller's Rest is a Robinson's pub located on Cross Street / London road, just to the South of Macclesfield Town Centre.

The pub is quite large, infact the current entrance is on Coronation Street.

The pub is basically divided into two halves. One houses two chambers, one of which is a seating area and the other is a pool toom. In the other half of the pub is a Stage area, often frequented by Karaoke and Entertainment artists, the room also boasts live television.

In between the two rooms you will find the enclosed bar area, straight ahead of you as you enter the establishment.

On the bar you will find the usual Robbie's offerings... Unicorn Best Bitter, Hatters, Guinness and Carling.

Prices were good, and the robbies tasted tremendous!

The clientelle seems a mix of older folk and youngsters, and the atmosphere is friendly.

The pool table was good, and the pub is generally very well kept. You get the feeling of a bed and breakfast in the seating room, with tables neatly set out for breakfast etc.

The toliets are located in the Live Entertainment side of the pub, at the back of the bar.

Enter the gents, and make a swift 90 degree turn to your left to enter the toilets...

The gents roomis white wall tiled, with beige / creamy tiles on the floor.

To your immediate right is the single toilet cubicle which houses a white toilet with white plastic seat.

There was bog roll on our recent visit, but some dirty sod had left some bright yellow wee, and the bog brush had been discarded on the floor, see photograph.

Back out of the cubicle, and continue round into the main area where you will find the urinals, sink, and dryer.

The white urinals are set against window area, opposite the sink. They were in good order, and made good p*ss catchers.

The sink worked fine, the dryer is to your left towards the exit, where you will also spot a radiator and condom machine.

Take another glance at the p*ssers, and you will see they sport a lovely cistern, under which is a lovely notice, reading...

Any person found either possesing, using or distributing any type of drug will be reported to the police and banned from these premises.

Maybe a sign of some undesirable clientelle?

All in all we had a great time in here. The beer was, good, the people friendly, and the bogs were good!


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