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'Circus P*ss Stone' - photo from The Circus Tavern, Manchester
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'At the Circus Tavern' - photo from The Circus Tavern, Manchester
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'The Sink Area' - photo from The Circus Tavern, Manchester
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'Lots of toilet roll' - photo from The Circus Tavern, Manchester
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'P*ss Polo Anyone?' - photo from The Circus Tavern, Manchester
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'2010 - lots of loo roll still!' - photo from The Circus Tavern, Manchester
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The Circus Tavern, Manchester

The Circus Tavern
86 Portland St
Greater Manchester
M1 4GX
  Tel: 0161 236 5818

Added: 5/20/2008
Modified: 5/10/2010 8:38:58 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Circus Tavern is an excellent little pub, located on Portland Street in Manchester, just by the Grey Horse Inn and Old Monkey.

Yes you read correctly, this is a "little" pub.

As soon as you enter the front door you will be at the bar, though ther are two little seating rooms located to your near and far right.

You will be served from your seats, or from the corridor if there's only room left to stand.

On our last visit there was a Bar Bird in from Lichtenstein!

This place is full of character, the bar must be less the a metre square, with a Bar Maid / Man crammed in behind it.

The walls are covered in photos of years gone by, including visits by celebrities and footballers.

There is an open fire in the front room, great in the winter, and a telly in the back room.

The pub also put out bowls of free crisps, excellent!

The beer was good too!

The bogs are located via the rear entrance to the pub, infact the ladies are outdoors via the small smoking area!

If you are in the smoking area, you will hear the p*ss escaping down the gird from the gents.

A quick look in the ladies, and there is just one sh*thouse, opposite a sink, oh and it didn't lock on our recent visit either.

Righty Oh, the gents!

The gents door is decorated in lots of interesting "toilet" related signs, visit to find out more!

The gents room is white with red floor tiling, and is a classic Manchester p*ss-house.

You'll find a big, old, and fairly dirty, white p*ss stone, against a window, and housing some yellow p*ss-stones. Fancy a quick game of P*ss Polo?

Opposite is a sink and hand wash basin area, with the single lavatory at the end of the room.

The sink is a small offering, tucked away by some pipes, along with a hand wash. All worked well though.

It is white with a brown wooden seat.

There are signs of an old large roll holder having been removed. The cubicle now features a stndard "domestic" sized bog roll holder, with extra sh*t wipe on the cistern.

There is also a bog brush and a bin, and the room is well lit.

This place is excellent, one of the best pubs in Manchester!



Update May 2010:

Back in Manchester's Smallest Pub, The Circus Tavern, on a packed Saturday Night.

It was standing room only, out into the yard and the ladies loo, but we didn't mind as we got waitress service, and the beer was good.

One new photo, still nice to see lots of bog roll stashed in the gents bog!

10/10 as always!

There are currently 2 comments about The Circus Tavern, Manchester

#1: Comment left by Daniel of Macclesfield

“Aye it's a classic, while at the urinal, you can even peer out the window at the lurking smokers! (should you wish to) ;-)”

Date: 5/21/2008 4:54:11 PM

#2: Comment left by Dave of Manchester

“Amazing fact: There's some authentic 30 year old anti-Vietnam war graffiti still on the wall in the toilets! It was covered up for a while but was back last time I paid a visit.”

Date: 10/25/2008 1:57:29 PM

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