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'Nice Shapely Urinal' - photo from The Fox and Grapes, Macclesfield
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'Cistern, Window, Sink' - photo from The Fox and Grapes, Macclesfield
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'Dryer, Toilet Door' - photo from The Fox and Grapes, Macclesfield
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'Fox and Grapes toilet' - photo from The Fox and Grapes, Macclesfield
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'Black Toilet Pipe Mould' - photo from The Fox and Grapes, Macclesfield
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The Fox and Grapes, Macclesfield

The Fox and Grapes
83 Pitt Street
SK11 7PX
  Tel: 01625 423 134

Added: 7/5/2008
Modified: 1/31/2012 5:20:29 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Fox and Grapes is located close to the edge of the Moss Estate in Macclesfield, on Pitt St, though you might well get to it up Coronation Street, from the main road Cross Street / London Road.

The pub is painted white outside.. enter by the front door, to immediately arrive at the bar. There is seating to your left, and to your right around a corner. Straight on from the bar are some steps, from which the pool room and beer garden are to your left, and the toilets are straight on.

The pub decor comes accross very homely, and indeed this is refelcted in the character of the clientelle too. On our visit recently all the regulars were sat in the front room watching one of the many television sets.

On the bar are Tetley Bitter's, the Tetley's Mild was particularly nice, at just 1.70 a pint, Guinness was just 2.40.

We went into the pool room, which is a very good size, with plenty of room to play shots. The table was good too, and there was a TV to watch, and the back of the centralised bar to order refills from.

At the back of the pool room, up a couple of black steps, is the beer garden / smoking area, which is also quite spacey and well maintained.

The bar staff were friendly, and the atmosphere was good.

As mentioned, the bogs are straight on up a few steps when you enter the pub, past the pool room.

The gents is a small room, with a Urinal / Stone on your left, a window and sink opposite, and a toilet cubicle on your right.

The P*ss Stone is quite nice, Rather than being straight, it actually has an angled side stone on the left, see photo!

It had yellow soaps in it, and a copper pipe. The floor in here is black coloured.

The sink area is on the white tiled wall, with cream paint above, and is against a window that looks out to the rear of the pub. The glas is frosted, but the centre was missing (where the air fan would go), so is exposed to the elements!

The sink worked just fine.

To your right is the entrance to the toilet, and also the hand dryer, which also worked just fine.

The toilet door has an old fashioned "engaged" locking mechanism on it!

You'll be happy to be engaged in this toilet. The cubicle housed a white bowl with white seat, large roll holder, and loo brush. There was also a spare roll on the window sill behind the toilet.

All was clean and pleasant.

A nice pub, with good beer, nice people, and good loos.



Update July 2009:

Was back in here the other night.

Great pub, Tetley Bitter at 1.89 a pint, Lager at just over 2, Brilliant!

Great LCD TVs, and a friendly licencee!

The bogs were up to scratch, though the cubicle door has no look you can kick it / wedge it shut though.

Also in the cubicle we saw some interesting black mould, see photo, this needs attention!

Great Place.

Down to 7/10 due to the mould!

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#1: Comment left by ROBERT of SUNNYBANK


Date: 1/31/2012 2:48:37 PM

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