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'Nice Metal Work!' - photo from Abbey Hotel, Dublin
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'Wash Your Hands!' - photo from Abbey Hotel, Dublin
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'Lots of Loo Roll' - photo from Abbey Hotel, Dublin
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'Cologne Sir?' - photo from Abbey Hotel, Dublin
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Abbey Hotel, Dublin

Abbey Hotel
52 Middle Abbey Street
Co. Dublin
Dublin 1
  Tel: +353 (0) 1 8728188
Fax: +353 (0) 1 8728585

Added: 7/5/2008
Modified: 7/5/2008 10:18:52 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Abbey Hotel is found on Abbey Street in the heart of Dublin, just off O'Connell St.

Although a Hotel, it is also a bustling bar, very popular for meals and live sports.

Enter from the front, and you'll find a long thin pub, leading to the rear where there is extra seating upstairs.

The bar is on your left when you enter. The bar staff were very friendly, and it's well worth the wait for a Guinness, as not only is it a good pint here, it's also one of the cheapeast you'll find in the City Centre, weighing in a 4 Euros a Pint on our recent visit.

There are lots of places to sit, from bar stools to tables, though on a tv sports day getting a seat may be easier said than done!

Settle down, and study the food menu. We can particularly recommend the Traditional Beef Stew / Irish Stew. It costs 8.50 Euros, and is both massive and highly delicious!

Again, the food staff were very friendly and helpful.

To find the loos, go down the stairs located at the centre of the pub, on the bar side, then along a short corridor at the bottom...

The gents room is quite lowly lit, it is cream tiled on the walls (with a pretty border half way up), and red / terracotta tiled on the floor.

On entrance you will see a large metal p*ss trough / urinal, with a patterned metal p*ss platform to stand on.

It seemed fairly clean, with soaps in it, and smelt ok.

To the left of this are two condom dispensers and a hand dryer.

Opposite the urinal, past the door, are 3 white sinks set in marble-esqe stone and in front of a large mirror. There was a soap dispenser on the mirror, though it was out of soap. There was also a waste bin on the floor by the worktop.

Also on the wall by the sinks is a Cologne machine. There are quite a few of these dotted around the pubs of Dublin, branded "Vend-A-Scent", and thats exactly what they do, for just 1 Euro!

Varieties include Drakkar, Aramis and Polo!

Opposite the sink area are the toilet cubicles.

Now, as mentioned, this is a busy pub.

I needed to take a sh*t here, so I had to skuttle between the cubicles to find the cleanest one, with a lock, and some bog roll.

Generally, this isn't a problem, the bogs here are well stocked.

The cubicles have black wooden walls, with brown patterned doors, and house white bogs with white plastic seats. The handles are in-built into the black wood at the back. I think at least one had a loo brush, and there was both paper on the roll dispenser, and spare on the back of the cistern.

It flushed well, and I had had a good sh*t!

Overall, the Abbey Hotel is Fantastic. The Bar and Staff are Nice and Friendly, the Food and Drink is amazing, and the bogs are splendid!


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