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'Wee 3 P*ssers!' - photo from The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield
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'The Sinks @ Wyldes!' - photo from The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield
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'The Queens Loo, with bog brush!' - photo from The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield
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'Johnny Machine + Two P*ss Pots!' - photo from The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield
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'Cistern has a lock on it!' - photo from The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield
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'Caution - Wet Floor' - photo from The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield
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The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield

The Queens Hotel
Albert Place
Waters Green
SK11 6JW
  Tel: 01625 500 695
Web: The Queens Hotel

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 10/25/2008 1:01:21 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Queen's Hotel in Macclesfield, has also been branded as Wyldes @ Macclesfield in the recent past...

The Queens was a quality pub, yeah a little run-down, but with plenty of character.

The cheapest drinks in macc, cheap pool, darts and a jukebox. The upstairs room used to be available for private hire, and more recently was host to live band nights via a local promoter.

Well times change, and things move forward, pubs included...

After a short period closed for refurbishment, Wyldes opened its doors at the beginning of December 2004.

The whole layout of the pub has been changed, brand new modern furnishings, coloured paint and wood panelled walls enclose a brand new bar area, and brand new room arrangements.

The bar still features Joseph Holt Bitters, along with Crystal and Diamond Lager. Bitter has risen in price from 1.35 to 1.57, but still tastes good and is still cheap in comparison to most establishments.

Accompanying the house beers are Carlsberg Export, Guinness and Strongbow. A large selection of fridged bottles are available, including Holt's bottles, as well as the usual spirits and an extensive wine selection.

The pub, at least during the day, is aimed at the food market. Tables are neatly set throughout, with many TV sets on hand to watch the latest music videos as you dine.

The menu is extensive, and offers some nice choices such as "Steak and Holt's Bitter Pie". The food not only sounds good, it is good. Large attractive square plates, and large portion sizes, all at good prices too.

Excellent for business lunches, the fish and chips looks delicious.

To wind down after your meal, there are one or two fruit machines, and a Sega Pool Showdown machine, well worth a few pennies.

Righto, after all that food and drink, it's time to visit the lavatories...

Through a series of doors, past the disabled toilet, and also passing the stairs to the upstairs function rooms, the gents toilets remain in their original location from the old Queens Hotel, but like the rest of the building, they have changes radically.

The traditional P*ss-Stone is gone, as are the old cubicles, infact the whole room is now a different arrangement.

Through the double door you see three urinals opposite, fairly standard, but nice and clean.

Turn left and the sinks are on your right by the door, along with a large mirror.

The far side of the room houses the single cubicle. A quick inspection will show a spacious crapper, well presented with a bog brush and paper a plenty.

Turn back round to find the condom machine on your right by the cubicle door, opposite on the fourth wall are more immaculate urinals.

Overall i have been very impressed with my first visit to the new Queens.

The food looks excellent, the bitter still tastes good and the furnishings are very nice. The toilets are of the plain modern pub style, but well presented, and without fault.

Well worth a visit, a good pub on your pocket too!



Update June 2008:

Following a string of landlords/landladys, including one that ended up getting stabbed by a punter, the pub is now being ran by a lovely landlady and team of staff.

The place has been re-decorated and themed, there are lots of candles about, and it looks and feels friendly.

On the bar, you will now find Holt's Smooth and Holt's Dark.

A trip to the bogs was in order whilst visiting last night.

I went in the cubicle for a wee, and noticed something good that I thought was worth a mention.. The cistern has a lock on it!

This is presumabley to stop idiots messing with it, and also to stop people hiding things in here, i.e. packets of drugs.

All was in ok shape, there was a bit of disgarded bog roll on the floor, and the door closed to, but didnt have a proper lock on it, just a hole to stick your finger in to pull it open once finished!

Back to the bar, and it seems a regular feature here to close the doors at 11 if not too busy, and bring out the ash trays for smoking as a "private party".

Mind you, a lot of pubs are doing this now, it is generally accepted that the smoking ban has been bad for the pub trade.

Anyway, check out the new photo, and get to the Queens in Macc, especially if you're arriving by train, there really is no excuse!



Update - October 2008:
We went in The Queens last night and one of the Twyfords Urinals was leaking, and there was a wet floor sign to warn people to be cautious!

Hopefully this will be sorted soon.


There is currently 1 comment about The Queens Hotel, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Kevin Potts of Macclesfield

“I once had Diarrhoea when i was in the Queens and had to go, which is always unpleasent on an evening out with friends on the pop.

When i got into the toilets it was a disgrace, so much so that i couldnt place my rear on the seat. I had to 'hover' above the seat to relieve myself, the diarrhoea came out 'like a flock of pigeons'.

I looked round to find the seat speckled with flakes of arse toffee, which I naturally left there.

I found out a few weeks later that my friend Neil The Ferret, or Dwain Dibbley for short, had been in later that night and seen my mess. He is very proud of my achievement!”

Date: 2/28/2008 4:37:53 PM

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