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'Lots of Loo Roll' - photo from Randolph Turpin's, Llandudno
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'W*nkers - spot on!' - photo from Randolph Turpin's, Llandudno
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Randolph Turpin's, Llandudno

Randolph Turpin's
Great Orme Head
LL30 2XF
  Tel: 01492 860963
Web: Randolph Turpin's

Added: 7/18/2008
Modified: 8/12/2008 12:51:15 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Randolph Turpin's can be found on top of the famous Great Orme hill in LLandudno, as part of the Summit Complex.

You have various options for getting up to the pub, namely:

On Foot, By Car, By Tram, or By Cable-Car!

The bar is named after former World Middleweight Boxing Champion Randolph Adolphus Turpin, and features many boxing themed decorations, as well as carved statues of the man himself!

On the bar you will find the usual beers, along with special offers, such as some Hot Toddies!

The complex facilities are shared amongst the many Cafe's and Coffee Shops, as well as the pub.

As a result, you may get children wandering in from the arcade, but Alcohol is strictly for the Over 18s.

Buy a pint, sit inside on the comfy seats, or outside in the picnic areas and enjoy the view!

Right, the bogs, there is a set located at the front of the bar, near a small amusement arcade...

Mind the step!

You will enter a room that has a cubicle on your right, and urinals to the far end of the narrow room.

Lets take a look in the sh*tter...

This is an adequate sized rroom, housing a white bog, with a vut away seat (see pohot), and a nice cistern unit, with a top-central flush button.

The unit is neatly plumbed in, you will notice a bog brush to the side of it, and disabled access rails too.

The bog worked well, and was in a good state of repair.

On of the best features of the room comes when you go to wipe your arse, there are 4 big bog roll holders next to one another, brilliant!

The cubilce features a wooden door, which locked ok.

The door and the room have quite a bit of graffiti on them, but the best example is near the door lock (see photo), and features a little clown-type man shouting "W*NKERS" in a speech-bubble!

There would also have been a photo of the urinals and sinks, but some bugger interupted my photography!

Overall, it's an ok pub, and well worth a stop for a pint if you've come to the Great Orme.


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