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'The Carlton's Urinals' - photo from The Carlton, Llandudno
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'Nice Sink Arrangement' - photo from The Carlton, Llandudno
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'Basic Toilet' - photo from The Carlton, Llandudno
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The Carlton, Llandudno

The Carlton
121 Mostyn Street
LL30 2PE
  Tel: 01492 878 375

Added: 7/24/2008
Modified: 11/8/2011 3:32:50 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

If you're in Llandudno shopping during the day, you'll probably walk past The Carlton several times, as it's right in the middle of the main shopping street, Mostyn St.

Why not pop in for a much deserved bevvie, or some scran?

There is seating outside too, should it be a hot day, so you can smoke too.

The pub is quite large with many seating areas and old victorian features.

Take a quick look around the pub as you enter, and you will see many "wetherspoons style" special offers on both food and drink.

During a recent visit, July 2008, the pub was mid-way through a Cider Festival, with special offers to suit.

Also eye-catching were the burgers, check them out if you're in town!

We settled for a couple of pints of Brain's Bitter, an excellent tipple, at a good price.

The clientelle is varied in the evening from old folk to bundles of young clubbers grabbing an early evening cheap pint.

There are usually Music Videos playing on the TV screens to keep you amused.

Wifi Internet Access is also available for business folk, though you may need a subscription to "The Cloud".

The gents are to the left of the large rear-centered bar, up some stairs to the right...

The room is well lit, with a grey/black coloured floor, and white wall tiling, with a central horizontal black tiled strip. On entry, to your left you'll see a condom machine, a row of 4 urinals, with splash guards, the central cistern and some ad boards.

To your right is the sink area, tucked away in a corner worktop with mirrors, and opposite this are two toilet cubicles.

The urinals / drainers are well set against the wall tiling, all white, with neat plumbing to the ceiling cistern, and with a p*ss splash screen to the left of each, so as you dont wee on other users.

The sh*thouses are quite bland in comparison, in blue wood/mdf/chipboard cubicle surrounds, each containing a standard white bog, with white plastic seat, with the cistern housed in wood behind the sh*tter.The bowl flush handle is also on the back plate.

There was paper on our visit, but the door looked a bit knackered.

The sink area is quite swish, with 2 sinks set in the worktop in a kind of L-shape, and two soap dispensers and mirrors to suit.

The hand dryer is near the door.

Summing up, this is a nice pub, in a good location, serving cheap ale and food. The bogs aint bad too.

Get down and have a gander!


There are currently 2 comments about The Carlton, Llandudno

#1: Comment left by Mrs Evans of Stoke on Trent

“I thought the attitude of the staff was awful. We were told that we had to purchace a main meal in order to take our 11mth old daughter in, which was fine, we purchased our meal, found a table and then went back to the bar to get her milk warmed up, we were then told that it was against health and safety to either let us have some hot water to do this ourselves or for them to warm the bottle for us (its fine to have a hot tea or coffee but not just hot water?!?). It then took 10mins for us to get a refund for the main meal as the bar staff had to call the manager who was not on site to get permission to give us the refund. Its outrageous that we were expected to eat our meal while our daughter sat there hungry!! I would not recomend this pub if you have children as they are obviously anti kids even though they cater for them on the menu. Very disapointing!!”

Date: 4/6/2009 1:15:52 PM

#2: Comment left by marc osborne of suffolk

“Totally agree with the above comment (Mrs Evans), the place stinks!! we were told the same thing, i had my sleeping 6 week old boy in a harness and after waiting for ages to get served a drink we were told we could only have a drink if we ordered food as we had a child! like my child was going to sit down for a meal!!! total blackmail in order to make more money in a pub that is run down and tatty!! Will never ever be going anywhere near it ever again!! i hasten to add after the inital shock my wife and i walked straight out!!!”

Date: 11/4/2011 3:57:55 PM

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