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'Metal Urinal Trough' - photo from Fibber Magees, Dublin
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'Lavatory Attendant's Seat, Sink' - photo from Fibber Magees, Dublin
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'Dryer, Roll, Condoms' - photo from Fibber Magees, Dublin
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'Fibbers Toilet' - photo from Fibber Magees, Dublin
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Fibber Magees, Dublin

Fibber Magees
80 Parnell St
Co. Dublin
Dublin 1
  Tel: 01 872 2575
Web: Fibber Magees

Added: 8/16/2008
Modified: 8/16/2008 10:37:26 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Fibber Magees, or Fibbers as it is sometime referred to, is a live music pub in Dublin, set underneath the Gate Hotel on Parnell Street, just at the top of O'Connell Street.

If you're into live music, whether it be Punk, Metal, Rock, or any other derivative, there will most likely be something to suit you at this bar.

Entrance is usually chargeable, but is free to residents of the hotel.

Enter via the main entrance, and you will see ample seating areas, and the bar to your left.

The drinks prices are reasonable, and it's nice to see some beers that you don't easily get elsewhere in Dublin, UK Imports such as Fosters for example.

Once you've got yourself an alcoholic beverage, proceed deep into the bar, down some steps and watch the band on the quite impressively sized stage.

The bar seems to be full of a mixture of people, students, rockers, tourists, and it makes for a good vibe.

The decor is a bit tatty, and the pub is dark, but that's very much in the rock/band pub style.

The bogs are situated just about centrally in the pub, down a wee corridor...

Be careful though, I ended up in the ladies on one occasion..

The gents is a little grotty, but good all the same.

The room is tiled with large creamy marble-esqe tiles, plus added dirt as a bonus!

The is a large metal trough urinal on one wall, with room for 4 or 5 gents. It was clean, but must get a lot of usage, so may smell from time to time.

You will find two sinks set underneath a large mirror on a stainless tell worktop.

There is a bar stool sat next to the sinks, which the lavatory attendant often sits on.

There is a bin for hand towel disposal, you will find hand towel on top of the hand dryer (which is presumably not working), by the door, alongside a condom machine.

There is a toilet cubicle too, it houses a white porcelain bowl, with no seat, set against a stainless steel cistern protector. the room is graffiti-laden, and there wasn't much bog roll. The door closes too, and i'm sure the attendant or bar staff could see you right for toilet roll if needs must.

Overall, this is a great pub for music lovers, the bogs were OK, not fantastic, and weren't in the best state of repair.


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