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'The Bog Wont Flush' - photo from The Bluebell Inn, Conwy
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'No Escape!' - photo from The Bluebell Inn, Conwy
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'Nice Shaped Urinals' - photo from The Bluebell Inn, Conwy
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'Bluebell Sink area' - photo from The Bluebell Inn, Conwy
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The Bluebell Inn, Conwy

The Bluebell Inn
Castle Street
LL32 8AY
Added: 8/16/2008
Modified: 3/19/2013 4:43:29 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Bluebell is right in the heart of Conwy, on Castle Street, the road that backs onto the harbour area.

After a long day trapesing about the town and the castle, you may well fancy a well deserved pin, and probably a toilet stop too.

This was the case with us.

We entered the Bluebell during the afternoon, purely picked at random, and found a large pub with a few locals playing pool.

We ordered Carling Lager, which was resonably priced, and tasty, the Barman seemed friendly.

We sat down and relaxed for a while. The seating was comfy, but there were a few flies buzzing about which was a bit annoying.

The toilets can be found from a corridor that runs parallel to the rear of the pub.

The gents houses one cubicle, and some nice-old fashioned p*ss-stones.

The room is tiled in red.

I went in the cubicle at first. The bog was full of urine, and the flush handle didn't work / had broken. There was bog roll and a bog brush, but the door didn't lock.

Above the loo was a window, covered in bars, I guess they're trying to keep out turd burglars!

backto the main chamber, and to the urinals / stones. These are quite old, partitioned by a tiled separator, and were quite impressive, althought they did smell a bit, and like the pub there was a fly or two about.

There is an old rubber jonny machine on the wall to the left of these.

To the right of the urinals, next to the loo cubicle, is the sink and dryer.

Unfortunately only the cold tap worked, and the dryer didn't work so I had to use bog roll.

I went to flush my roll away, with the aformentioned dodgy flush handle, and my action nearly pulled the cistern lid off, so I left well alone.

This pub has Nice Beer, but the loo's need some TLC.


There are currently 3 comments about The Bluebell Inn, Conwy

#1: Comment left by Julie of Conwy

“I have just read the post that was about The Blue Bell pub, well as of this year there is new owners and the toilets are nice and clean as I am one of the cleaners at the pub so why not try the pub again”

Date: 8/20/2010 10:15:57 PM

#2: Comment left by Brenda of Cornwall

“My husband and I visted the Bluebell last month and will avoid going again at all costs. On entering the dimly lit pub, we were greeted by an array of drunken party goers. This is not the place for a quiet drink at the weekend. Very loud unsavory music, moody staff unable to cope with the busy bar. Men's toilets were disgusting and stank. There were no toilet seats in the ladies, no loo roll available and I was more or less shouted at when I let the staff know. A wonky mirror and make up on the walls. The outside smoking area was littered with cigarette ends, straws and broken glass. Enter with caution!”

Date: 7/18/2011 12:43:20 PM

#3: Comment left by Tom of Leicestershire

“We visited on Saturday 16th March. Bar Snacks Ok, Beer vastly overpriced (Fosters 4, Stella 4.65). Staff friendly but decor and especially toilets need attention.”

Date: 3/19/2013 12:26:40 PM

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