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'The Globe Toilet' - photo from The Globe, Glossop
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'Pull That Chain!' - photo from The Globe, Glossop
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The Globe, Glossop

The Globe
144 High St West
SK13 8HJ
  Tel: 01457 852 417
Web: The Globe

Added: 8/18/2008
Modified: 8/19/2008 8:27:45 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Globe in Glossop has two features that instantly distinguish it from other pubs in the town,

1, It has a Live Music Bar upstairs.

2, It has a Micro Brewery.

Enter the door at the Globe and you'll find a warm and friendly pub with several seating areas.

Once at the bar, you'll immediately see some of the beers brewed in-house in the upstairs Micro Brewery!

We tried "Albion", opinion was split 50/50 as to whether it was nice or disgusting, so I guess the "Home Brews" are an acquired taste.

There is plenty of other beers, bottles and spirits on offer, including Carling and Guinness. There is also House Doubles at just 2.00 including mixer!

The staff we're top too, no problems here.

Sit down with your drink and take in the surrrounds. There is a selection of board games available, should you and your friends fancy a challenge.

Vegetarian and Vegan food is also available in the daytime too apparently!

If you're here at the weekend, you'll probably notice live music blasting down from upstairs. Why not pop up and check out the band, it is free to get in, and there is a DJ etc on aftwerwards, plus there is another bar upstairs so you needn't carry drinks up and down all night.

The upstairs room has more of a club atmosphere, delicately lit with Disco Balls and Lighting.

Toilets are on the ground floor, just by the stairs.

The Gents has Urinals, plus one single cubicle.

The walls are white tiles, and the floor is the classic red / terracotta tiling.

We couldn't get a photo of the urinals / stones, as it was far too busy, however they are recommended, as the piping for them is made of brass!

The toilet aint bad either, quite a roomy cubicle houses a white bog with a black seat and a bog brush is on hand for good measure.

Look up and you'll see a good old-fashioned cistern with a brown pull-chain. On the window ledge was a few spare bog rolls, and the door locked fine.

Wash your hands, and get back up to the band!

A Smashing Pub - 8/10

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