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'Nice Square Urinal' - photo from Star Inn, Glossop
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'Sink, Dryer' - photo from Star Inn, Glossop
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'Star Inn Condom Machine' - photo from Star Inn, Glossop
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'Toilet, lots of loo roll' - photo from Star Inn, Glossop
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Star Inn, Glossop

Star Inn
2 Howard Street
SK13 7DD
  Tel: 01457 853 072

Added: 8/19/2008
Modified: 12/4/2009 3:24:56 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Star Inn is located just up from the railway station, you'll spot it easily with it's nice hanging-basket plants on the exterior.

We entered the pub on a saturday night, and immediately hit a strange smell, a
combination of Swimming Pool Chlorine and Cigarette Smoke.

Anyhow, we went to the bar, and had a selection of beers to choose from, both commercial and small-brewery. Black Sheep was amongst them.

There is quite an amusing sign near the bar which bluntly reads "DO NOT STAND HERE" - be warned!

The pub decoration is quite old fashioned, with fairly old seating and tables. There is brass on the shelves, and plenty to look at. The Landlord / Landlady seems to be in to Owls, as there's plenty of Owl ornaments and pictures about

There was ample seating, but the pub was quite full. There was an additional seating area at the rear of the pub, but this seemed a bit full of ruffians, and less inviting.

You'll pass this additional seating room, whilst approaching the gent's toilets, down a few steps, and to your left.

The toilets have a smell, known in the toilet industry as "Chicken Bugger", a distinct smell of rotting urine, come down and check it out.

Here you will find a nice squared Urinal P*ss Stone, With Straight P*ss Splash Guards, a rather nice design, but probably the major source of the smell.

Opposite is an old fashioned hand dryer, sink and mirror, set against the green and cream coloured wall.

On the wall by the cubicle door is a condom machine.

Enter the toilet cubicle, and you'll be in for another treat!

A white bog, whith a light brown seat, neatlt plumbed in with a double roll holder, bog brush, and several extra loo rolls.

There was also an air freshener and some kind of club flyer on the cistern.

The bog itself smelt ok, thanks to the air freshener, maybe one is required for the urinals.

Overall, a nice pub, a bit smelly, but ok.


There is currently 1 comment about Star Inn, Glossop

#1: Comment left by Mick of Glossop

“I ocassionally sit in the back room at the Star and can confirm that the smell of the urinals pervade said back room as a matter of course. The room also has an idiosyncratic nut and sweetie dispenser and its own bar hatch. The remarkable range of beer on offer is of superior quality consistently so the smell of toilet just has to be toiletrated.”

Date: 12/4/2009 12:06:36 PM

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