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'3 nice urinals' - photo from The Norfolk Arms, Glossop
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'sinks, mirrors' - photo from The Norfolk Arms, Glossop
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'nicely kept toilet' - photo from The Norfolk Arms, Glossop
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'urinals, sinks, condoms' - photo from The Norfolk Arms, Glossop
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The Norfolk Arms, Glossop

The Norfolk Arms
Norfolk Square
SK13 8BP
  Tel: 01457 851 940
Web: The Norfolk Arms

Added: 8/19/2008
Modified: 8/15/2011 5:10:34 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Norfolk Arms is a large pub in the heart of Glossop, not far from the train station.

It's decor is modern, bright, and well-kept. There are lots of Plasma and LCD TV's about showing sport and music videos, and several seating areas, a jukebox and a pool table. There is also a dedicated eating area for pub grub.

The clientelle seemed nice and friendly. Glossop, or "Glass-op" has got a bit of a reputation for drunken fighting and violence, but we found none of that here.

As a Joseph Holt pub, the drinks are very resonably priced, and their bitters are always a good tipple. The Lagers are less impressive, both Crystal and the premium Diamond are acquired tastes.

The bar staff are friendly and helpful, the birds wear a smart shirt and tie combo.

Apparently the pub is also a hotel, so if you need somewhere to stay, why not try it?

The pub kinda surrounds the central bar areas, and you'll find the pub toilets around the rear.

On first entering the gents, like the rest of the pub, you'll be impressed by how bright the room is.

The room is covered in large, bright, and creamy coloured tiles. On one side are the urinals, and the other side houses the sinks, cubicles.

Near the door you will also see a condom dispenser.

There is a selection of nice looking white urinals, attractively moulded to the cream back tiles, and well plumbed. They smelt clean.

The sink area is plain, but modern and well kept. 2 sinks, mirrors, soap etc.

The cubicles house plain white loos, with paper, loo brushes, concealed cisterns, and locking doors.

Overall, probably an essential stop on a night in Glossop, well kept pub and toilets.


There are currently 2 comments about The Norfolk Arms, Glossop

#1: Comment left by Basil of Glossop

“The last time I had to use the facilities in The Norfolk there was a big steaming floater in the pan! Something, I have to say, I have never experienced in The Star.”

Date: 3/3/2010 4:48:34 PM

#2: Comment left by Wal of Glossop

“Yes and I bet it was you who left it there! Lol...”

Date: 8/13/2011 4:43:01 PM

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