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'Urinals, Angle 1' - photo from The Franklin, Macclesfield
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'Angle 2, Ash Trays' - photo from The Franklin, Macclesfield
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'Sink, Towel on Window Bars' - photo from The Franklin, Macclesfield
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'Toilet at The Franklin' - photo from The Franklin, Macclesfield
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'Gents Bog 2010 - Pull Forward Flush!' - photo from The Franklin, Macclesfield
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The Franklin, Macclesfield

The Franklin
27 Steeple Street
SK10 2QR
  Tel: 01625 424 634
Web: The Franklin

Added: 8/29/2008
Modified: 1/21/2010 6:41:09 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Franklin is a little robinsons public house tucked away on Steeple St, which you may find via garden street, not far from "Big Tesco".

It is a small affair, housing a few little seating rooms, and a small pool table.

On the bar are the usual Frederic Robinson offerings, Unicorn, Hatters, Carling, Guinness.

Prices are cheap, and the barman seemed ok.

We stood playing pool near the bar, admiring the gnomes that frequent the garden / back yard. Pool was cheap, and there was music on the jukebox.

There weren't many people on, but thats to be expected on a week night in a small local pub.

Check out the toilets...

The room has yellow and blue walls, with reddy-brown floor tiling.

The selection of Urinal Stones are most impressive in their shape and stature. Plumbed neatly with copper piping onto a blue wall, and with a standing platform / drainer.

One of the most impressive additions to the urinals were the ash-trays. These may not be here now, but will not be forgotten (see photos).

Ajar to these is a sink, with pump handwash, and a towel hanging on the window bars - classy!

The Toilet Cubicle is enclosed in yellow and cream walls. It is quite roomy and houses a white pan with a black toilet seat. There is a bog brush, paper and air freshener, also a quality old-fashioned flush mechanism.

The door locked ok.

Generally the bogs were top, plenty of character, well lit.

The pub itself is quaint but character filled too, old pubs like this need preserving.



Update Jan 2010:

We were back at the Franklin just the other night, we had Robbie's Bitter, it were a bit of alright!

Prices were good, beer was good, good pool for 40p.. what more can we ask.

We revisited the gents, we've added a new photo of the cubicle to show of the wonderful "pull forward" flush on the gents toilet.

The seat has changed to a wooden one now too, great stuff.

Cubicle could do with a lick of paint, a bit of mould near the floor is visible.

Smashing Ale House!


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