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'Cock Inn Blue Urinals' - photo from The Cock Inn, Macclesfield
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'Sink, Urinals' - photo from The Cock Inn, Macclesfield
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'A traditional loo' - photo from The Cock Inn, Macclesfield
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The Cock Inn, Macclesfield

The Cock Inn
Chelford Road
SK10 3LH
  Tel: 01625 425 659
Web: The Cock Inn

Added: 8/29/2008
Modified: 12/4/2011 9:01:18 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Cock is a Robbie's Pub that does food, set on the Chelford Road, Henbury, on the way out from Broken Cross and Macclesfield.

Be prepared for this pub if you are driving out down this road, or you may miss it. A swift left turn will take you into the pub car park.

There are several eating areas, set in a traditionally decorated pub.

Food prices are OK, dearer than they are in town, but it's not often you ge the culinary pleasure of a meal combined with Robinson's "Unicorn" Bitter.

The bogs are located via a corridor behine the bar.

The room is large and well lit, and has white tiles on the walls, and both black and white floor tiles set out in a patterned arrangement.

You will immediately be drawn to the urinals, both because of their unusual old-fashione shape, and because they are blue.
There are blue p*ss-splash guard in between the 3 basins, if set a little high for their intended purpose. The pipework is on whow, and is ok if a little old. The were yellow soaps in the urinals. The cistern is above.

Step back, and to your left, and you'll find a matching blue sink, with a mirror, hand soap, bar soap, and dryer, all seemed in good nick.

The toilet had less character, plain white with a black seat. There was also a bog brush and a metal roll holder in the cubicle, and plenty of light from the frosted glass window behind.

Overall, this pub isn't staggeringly brilliant, but the traditional blue urinals are definately worth a visit.


There are currently 3 comments about The Cock Inn, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Andy of Bollington

“An hour and forty minutes wait for food and they wern't even busy. No apologies. wont be going back.”

Date: 11/6/2008 8:09:19 PM

#2: Comment left by The Licensee of The Cock

“In response to Andy of Bollington's comments these pictures of our urinals/toilets are pre refurb which was undertaken in 2005.

If you wish to look again you will see these loos are immaculate.

I think somebody went to the wrong pub.”

Date: 7/11/2009 11:00:48 PM

#3: Comment left by Jack of Macclesfield

“Yes,the toilets on these pics are pre-furb! Fantastic pub and very well managed. Much preferred to Bollington pubs! :) ”

Date: 7/23/2010 3:43:24 PM

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