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'Highfield Urinals' - photo from The Highfield, Leyland
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'Sink, Mirrors, Dryer' - photo from The Highfield, Leyland
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'to the cubicles' - photo from The Highfield, Leyland
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'white bogs at the highfield' - photo from The Highfield, Leyland
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The Highfield, Leyland

The Highfield
Southport Road
PR26 9JB
  Tel: 01772 600 286

Added: 8/31/2008
Modified: 11/2/2012 9:11:58 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Highfield is a large family friendly Two-For-One eating pub, coupled with a wacky warehouse and outdoor play area for the kids.

If you know the area, it is easy to find from Leyland. If you've been to HMP Garth Prison, it is the ideal stop-off for some scran, there is a large car park available.

Once inside you'll find a big pub, set out in eating chambers, subtly lit under an old-style beamed roof.

Most of the tables are ready set, simply choose some food from the menu, or the specials list, then pop to the bar to order.

As mentioned it is 2-4-1, cheapest meal free.

On the specials on our visit were "Beef Medalions" !

We tried the Chicken Balit, Fish and Chips and Half Roast Chicken and Chips.

The food was good, big portion sizes, but nothing spectacular. For under a fiver a head though you really cant complain.

We sampled the Black Sheep Bitter, a good tipple!

Coke was a bit pricey at 1.50 for a half though, a bit steep if you're Des for the day (designated driver).

You'll find the toilets near the entrance to the pub: Ladies, Gents and Disabled. Don't take the wrong door though, as you'll end up in the Wacky Warehouse!

The gent's bogs are decorated in alternate white/cream and orange/red tiles. This look is showing it's age now, and comes across a little tacky.

There are a set of urinals, two cubicles, and a sink / wash area.

All looked clean in the main chamber, the urinals had soaps in, and the sinks worked ok.

The urinals, which were a good shape, are in two sets, each with their own cistern, and stetch round a corner of the room.

The sink area has 2 sinks, soap, 2 mirrors, a radiator and a dryer.

There are two cubicles, each containing a generic white pan. Nothing special, but well kept, plenty of loo roll, and the door locked too... Bonus!

Overall, this is a "good value" food pub, with cheap and cheerful bogs to match.


There are currently 6 comments about The Highfield, Leyland

#1: Comment left by Barry Miller of Leyland, Lancashire

“Disgusting and unhygienic. The menus on the tables were sticky with dried on beer and food and had never been wiped down for an age,they were badly stained and the tables were tacky with dried on drink. The beer was cloudy and undrinkable Which I changed for a coke) and the mixed grill for 13.00 was overcooked and tasteless complete with a rubber egg. The meal was nothing more than a very badley cooked all-day breakfast with a very thin piece of overcooked meat that was suposed to be a steak. It took over 35 minutes for the food to arrive. This is the worst pub in my area. DO NOT go there.”

Date: 7/18/2009 12:16:21 AM

#2: Comment left by Andy Allen of Leyland

“Table was sticky and grimey, we had to ask for it to be wiped again...was made to feel that it was an unreasonable request.... was to afraid to ask for the peas and beans that was still on the chairs to be egg was like one of those that children buy from joke shops .... I had to wait 20 minutes for a seat ....then a further 30 for my meal.....Go and see for yourself , I'm sure you'll leave comments similar to mine ....”

Date: 6/8/2010 6:14:07 PM

#3: Comment left by Graham Carter of Leyland

“What a disappointment. The carrots had been boiled to within an inch of mush. The burger I had looked and tasted nothing like the description on the menu and when the waitress asked if we had enjoyed our meal I said it wasn't the best meal I had ever had she laughed nervously and left. I think my chips had been left over from lunchtime. Tables were tacky and sticky we cleaned our table ourselves. Do not waste your money on this awful place.”

Date: 7/27/2010 9:22:11 PM

#4: Comment left by Andy of Billinge

“We have been going to The Highfield for over 3 years now, and find it to be excellent value for money. OK, so the tables may need a wipe, but if you ask they do wipe them. The food is superb, never had a bad meal there. I think the negative comments come from snobs!”

Date: 8/14/2010 10:35:29 AM

#5: Comment left by Joanne Stevenson of Leyland

“Absolutely disguisted. The female toilets were all blocked, one in particular was full of faeces and when I flushed the chain of one to clear it before my child used it, it had a knock on effect on all the others whichh started gurgling and over filling. It was awful. The food was ages and not to the standard of other two for one restaurants.”

Date: 10/31/2012 12:46:29 PM

#6: Comment left by liam of leyland

“The highfield is fantastic, you get what you pay for and the above comments are obviously from snobs. the staff are nice, the area is nice, the food is satisfying,

Date: 11/1/2012 2:30:27 PM

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