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'The Wheatsheef Trough' - photo from Wheatsheaf Inn, Leeds
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'Urinal, Two-Tone Tiles' - photo from Wheatsheaf Inn, Leeds
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'Toilet, lots of bog roll' - photo from Wheatsheaf Inn, Leeds
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'Gents @ The Wheatsheaf' - photo from Wheatsheaf Inn, Leeds
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Wheatsheaf Inn, Leeds

Wheatsheaf Inn
Gelderd Road
West Yorkshire
LS12 6DT
  Tel: 0113 263 7070

Added: 9/3/2008
Modified: 10/27/2008 5:44:50 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Wheatsheaf Inn is a large-ish pub located near Beeston in South West Leeds, just off the M621 and A6610 roads.

Although large, a trip mid-week will show you a pub typical of those desparate to fill their seats.

The pub can be busy at tea time, with people coming for a meal and a pint after work, but can go quiet after that.

There are a few ricks up the pub's sleeve to combat this, including sports, a jukebox, and live music acts.

The pub is semi modern, is quite roomy, and has a friendly atmosphere.

The toilets are located at one end of the pub, on the main road end.

The gents is a large and well-lit room.

It houses a big metal p*ss trough urinal, fed part way up the wall by a white ceramic cistern. It was reasonably clean, a bit p*ss stained.

Check out the tiling to the right by the door to the toilet, cream with an orangey divide at centre height, nice!

The toilet cubicle housed a white toilet with a plastic black seat, and a large roll holder. There was also extra roll on the window sill, to your left when seated. The door lock worked, as did the flush.

From the cubicle, you'll get a view of the room as a whole, a big mirror is on your left, along with the two-tone tiling mentioned above, the urinal trough is to your right, with a yellow dust bin at the far end by the sink, soap, and hand towel dispenser.

A nice pub.


There is currently 1 comment about Wheatsheaf Inn, Leeds

#1: Comment left by Railnut of Leeds

“sadly another pub closed”

Date: 10/27/2008 4:24:54 PM

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