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'British Flag Urinals' - photo from British Flag, Macclesfield
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'the sink area' - photo from British Flag, Macclesfield
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'hand dryer, mirror' - photo from British Flag, Macclesfield
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British Flag, Macclesfield

British Flag
42 Coare Street
SK10 1DW
  Tel: 01625 428 118
Web: British Flag

Added: 9/4/2008
Modified: 9/4/2008 3:58:55 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The British Flag is on Coare Street, near the Kings School, and en route from Sainsbury's in one direction, and Manchester Road / Tytherington in the other direction. You can also get to it quick from town by coming over the overpass / bridge on Hibel Road.

It is a Frederic Robinson public house, so on the bar you'll get your pick of Unicorn, Hatterd, Dark Hatters, Guinness and Carling.

The beer is good. Grab a pint, then choose from one of the seating chambers, or the pool room at the far end.

In the front end of the pub is a bar skittles table!

Opposite the central bar is a lounge for big screen football. This pub have a "foreign satellite" setup installed, meaning that they often show many more matches than Sky and Setanta do, including 3pm kickoffs!

The loos are located at the back of the pub, by the pool room.

You'll find a quality old fahioned room, with mosaic floor tiling, whit ebrick-style tiling up to half way on the walls, followed by a black divide, then blue painting above.

The p*ss-stone urinal here is tremendous. It is full length, to the floor, and each p*sser has a splash guard, and there is a black platform to stand on. There are bits of soap hung off them, similar to at the Nags Head, and all 3 are plumbed from a central pipe, which arrives between two frosted glass windows. All seemed clean and good.

To the right of the urinals is a single sink, with a soap dispenser above it. There is also a "now wash your hands" notice, and there is an advert board to the left.

The hand dryer is near the mirror and no-smoking sign.

In the toilet cubicle is a white bog with a brown wood seat, served by a big black pipe. There was also a blue bog brush, and a large, and well filled, toilet roll dispenser.

A good pub, good ale, splendid bogs.


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