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'Black Lion Urinal Stone' - photo from The Black Lion Hotel, Salford
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'plenty of things here' - photo from The Black Lion Hotel, Salford
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'check out the cistern cosy!' - photo from The Black Lion Hotel, Salford
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The Black Lion Hotel, Salford

The Black Lion Hotel
65 Chapel Street
Greater Manchester
M3 5BZ
  Tel: 0161 834 9009

Added: 9/5/2008
Modified: 9/6/2008 9:16:06 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Black Lion can be found just off the beaten track from Deansgate, where Manchester and Salford unite, not far from the Granada Studios, or Salford Crescent Railway Station.

It is a good place for a pint if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city centre shopping. As your reward for venturing on a 5 minute walk out-of-town, you'll be greated by a large pub with a central bar area, and nice friendly staff, oh, and good beer too.

As mentioned, this is a large pub. It has high ceilings, and is decorated in the traditional pub/hotel style.

After a few beers, perhaps a game of cards, and some crisps, why not visit the gentlemans toilets? These can be located at the rear of the pub, kind of behind the bar area.

The big old gents room is tiled with cream tiles, with a nice red/brown patterned border divide.

It houses a big, but simplistic, traditional p*ss stone urinal, consisting of 5 panes and served by a central wall mounted cistern. It had soap in it, and smelt in good health.

Opposite are a mirror, sink, soap, hand towel dispenser, condom machine and a radiator. All seemed well cared for.

The toilet cubicle is a good one..

The photo opposite is from a year or so ago, hence the ash tray on the window sill...

The cubicle houses A white toilet, with a white plastic seat.

It has it's standard white cistern, but the top has been covered with a knitted / embroidered top. Kind of like a tea-cosy, a "Bog-Cosy" maybe. Anyway, it is a nice feature.

There was also a white bog brush.

You can really take in the surroundings in these bogs, notice the criss-cross diagonal rectangular floor tiles as you stand for a go on the loo!

A good pub, worth a visit if you are in the centre of Manchester.


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