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'Trough or Urinals?' - photo from The Royal British Legion Club, Llandudno
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'British Legion Sink' - photo from The Royal British Legion Club, Llandudno
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'Silavent Hand Dryer' - photo from The Royal British Legion Club, Llandudno
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The Royal British Legion Club, Llandudno

The Royal British Legion Club
7 Vaughan Street
LL30 1AB
  Tel: 01492 877 568

Added: 9/8/2008
Modified: 3/30/2011 12:05:42 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The British Legion Club in the Victorian holiday town of Llandudno can be found on Vaughan St, nestled between shop, cafe's and the main post office, and just down the road from Llandudno Railway Station.

It may not immediately strike you as a place high on your list to go to on a night out. However, clubs such as this, and working men's clubs, are often fascinating in their traditions, decor, and perhaps most importantly, CHEAP BEER.

On Entertainment Nights, which are usually at the weekends, you will have to pay at the door to gain entry to the club, at a veyr reasonable 50 pence.

Once in, you will be directed to one of the many rooms / bars, most likely the room at the end of the club, the main bar.

In the bar are several old leather upholstered seating areas, now sat staring at large flast screen televisions.

To the rear is another room, housing Snooker Tables.

On the bar is a reasonable selection of beers, at prices which even Mr Wetherspoon would be excited by!

We found we were made to feel very welcome as guest drinkers, and the Guinness was a good tipple.

The Gentlemans toilets are actually located back off the corridor you will have originally entered by.

Entering the gents is a strange affair, through a double door.

You open a door from the corridor which swings one way, then stand in the central part, then opn the other door in on yourself to gain entry.

Once inside you'll find a smallish self-enclosed room, with no windows.

The floor has red / terracota tiles, there are black / charcoal tiles half-way up the wall, after which it is painted cream / magnolia.

There is a choice offered here, either tackle one of the two urinal basins, or opt for the steel p*ss trough, which could house 3 or 4 gents.

The trough is drained by some large crwm coloured pipes (see photo). There is also a grid in the floor, should you not aim straight, and the hand dryer is to your left.

Next to the urinals is the sink area.

It has a square shaped sink, with two taps, along with a mirror and soap dispenser.

As mentioned, the hand dryer is over near the trough. It is a "Silavent" branded appliance, and has a quality logo of a man drying his hands on it (see picture).

All seemed in a good state of repair, not too p*ssy in smell.

There was also a cubicle on offer.

Well worth the 50p entrance fee when visiting town.


There is currently 1 comment about The Royal British Legion Club, Llandudno

#1: Comment left by Roy. K. Waite of Eston Labour Club, Middlesbrough

“I would like to thank you for the wounderful weekend that we had at your club, and if you are ever in our county we will hopefully give you the same hospitality that you gave us”

Date: 3/29/2011 6:43:36 PM

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