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'3 P*ssers, pretty bog standard!' - photo from Est, Est, Est, Didsbury
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'The Pan @ Est, Est, Est' - photo from Est, Est, Est, Didsbury
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'A Posh Sink Area!' - photo from Est, Est, Est, Didsbury
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Est, Est, Est, Didsbury

Est, Est, Est
756 Wilmslow Road
Greater Manchester
M20 2DW
  Tel: 0161 445 8209
Web: Est, Est, Est

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

This bar is in the heart of trendy Didsbury, Manchester.

It is a very spacious pub, the decor consisting of modern pine tables and frosted glass

The tables are wobbly and the building is cold though! Be Warned!

You can watch the chef cook your food so feel free to call him a name, as he cant spit in your food if he knows you are watching.

I did not have a good experience, the food was bland, pizza was cold and had to be warmed up.

The staff were like servants the management were like dictators!

The draught beer was Stella, but it was not on tap when i visited, supply shortages? Or maybe they cannot be bothered changing it?

There are also a couple of bottled beers Bud being one of them .

You are likely to get young trendy people in, or a lot of work do's here.

As you go to the loo you meet a steel staircase, right next to this are disabled loo's (Very Good)

The staircase is wobbly, be careful if you're on your 12th pint!

The gents bog is small! There are three p*ss pots, flowers, 2 sink basins set in granite, a mirror, 1 hand dryer a few pubic hairs on the bog seat!

The sh*tter is narrow but long. If your bird was a fat slag you would get her in there but never get her out.

Summing Up...

Food 6/10 40.00 for 2 people
bogs 7/10

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