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'Harrington Arms Urinal Stones' - photo from Harrington Arms, Bosley
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'Paper Towels here' - photo from Harrington Arms, Bosley
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'Pull The Chain!' - photo from Harrington Arms, Bosley
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Harrington Arms, Bosley

Harrington Arms
Leek Road
SK11 0PH
  Tel: 01260 223 224

Added: 10/3/2008
Modified: 6/21/2012 4:35:55 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Harrington Arms is in the village of Bosley. Whilst Bosley is technically part of Macclesfield, it is on the Leek Road, and is a stones-throw from Congleton via the Bosley Crossroads.

Given it's location, it shares an array of folk from all towns, as well as people passing through, along with Bosley's other pub across the road, The Queens Arms.

This is a Frederic Robinson pub, it is quite old and set out in several quite spacious rooms, with beams on show, and brass ware on the walls.

There is also a substantial outdoor area for summer eating, smoking and events.

The bar is located kind-of centrally. A small-ish affair hosting all the regular Robinson's drinks. The Guinness was good, at 2.85 a pint, as was Unicorn. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

On the bar there was a piece of genius! To raise money for charity, the pub have a 140z Glass (coke glass) filled with water, and a lemon bobbing in it. The bottom of the glass is filled with coins. The challenge to any drinker is to balance a coin (minimum 5p) on the lemon, without it falling in, to win half the contents of the jar! Genius!

Sit down with your bevvie on the traditional pub seating, admire the brass, photos and paintings, or watch footie on the tv. On our visit, there had been a pool match on, and the landloard had provided chips and spring rolls, fantastic!

Oh yes, the pool room is a side room behind the bar. It houses a large blue felt pool table, and there is lots of room to play. Be warned though, it was bloody freezing in October, so I wouldn't like to play in December!

The toilets are located down a corridor from the pool table, which leads to the large car-park outside.

The ladies is first on the right, then through the first outdoor and to your left for the gents...

The room is cream/yellowy coloured with lovely green and yellow curtains and red/terracotta floor tiling.

It has a large p*ss-stone urinal with 3 panes of stone, and a cistern above. It is quite old, and "ADAMANT" brand, and was in a good state of repair. It had p*ss soaps, and smelt fine.

Opposite is the sink area which houses the two-tap sink, with a plug, soap, paper towels, and a waste bin for the paper towels.

It gets quite cold in here too so I didn't hang around too long to see if the hot tap worked.

Behind the sink area is the single male cubicle.

It houses a white bog with a white seat. Nothing special you may think? well, look up to see the old pull-chain black cistern, and the blue bog brush was great too.

The door locked, and there was loo roll.

The bog flushed splendidly!

A great pub and loos - 8/10

There are currently 2 comments about Harrington Arms, Bosley

#1: Comment left by Sparky of Nr Bosley

“You must of had a blocked nose when you reviewed these loos, as when you walked through the door from the main carpark the smell of the mens loos hit you as soon as you passed through it. The decor could do with upgrading, the meal was very average and the chips were burnt. Wont go back in a hurry for food.”

Date: 8/3/2009 10:33:18 PM

#2: Comment left by Josephine Peake of Cheddleton

“make a visit now fantastic referb.exerlent food good wine beer and extra cold gunnies”

Date: 6/21/2012 9:25:00 AM

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