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'Mottram Hall Urinals' - photo from Mottram Hall, Mottram St Andrew
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'2 Wooden Cubicles' - photo from Mottram Hall, Mottram St Andrew
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'Well Maintained Toilet' - photo from Mottram Hall, Mottram St Andrew
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'Sinks, Towels or Dryers' - photo from Mottram Hall, Mottram St Andrew
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Mottram Hall, Mottram St Andrew

Mottram Hall
Wilmslow Road
Mottram St Andrew
SK10 4QT
  Tel: 01625 828 135
Fax: 01625 829 284
Web: Mottram Hall

Added: 10/15/2008
Modified: 10/15/2008 8:45:16 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Mottram Hall is an impressive Hotel, housing a golf course amongst other things in it's vast estate. It is part of the De Vere group.

You may be here on business, having a posh weekend away, or playing a round of golf.

The whole place oozes class and is very well maintained. The staff are pleasant, and very nice.

If you are having lunch, you may well be in the front dining area, which overlooks the golf course, and will be served by men in braces!

The food is very very nice, and a good portion is assured!

You may have fine wine with your meal, or tea and coffee.

There is also a bar in the front of the hotel, which serves good well-kept beers.

By now you'll be in need of a trip to the Gentleman's facilities... turn right then left at reception...

You'll first enter an entrance hall to the toilets, which has a painting of a horse on the right hand wall. Open the second door to enter the main room.

To your left are 3 urinals, neatly set on the white tiles behind, above is a fancy border in the tiling, and the flooring is grey with dark blue diamond tiles. The urinals were good.

Straight on from the front door you will see a sink area to your left, and 2 cubicles on the far right.

The sink area has 3 basins set in a marble and wood worktop. A choice of soaps is available, and there is also choice of wither paper towelettes or hand dryers. A bin is provided for waste.

As mentioned, there are two wooden cubicles. Each houses a plain white toilet, plumbed into a dark wooden wall at the back, with a silver coloured flush handle. Both locked, were well maintained, and had lots of loo roll.

Overall, Mottram Hall is a very nice place, a treat for most people, and one not worth turning down. Pleasant Bogs too!


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