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'The p*ssers from the door!' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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'P*ss Stones - Full Frontal!' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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'The bog - too low!' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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'Sink + Mirror + Dryer' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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'nags new look' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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'new toilet fronts, and tiling' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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'Onion Rings!' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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'Now Push to Flush!' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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'Gents Cubicles now Black!' - photo from The Nags Head, Macclesfield
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The Nags Head, Macclesfield

The Nags Head
60 Waters Green
SK11 6JT
  Tel: 01625 423786
Web: The Nags Head

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 2/9/2010 10:52:09 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Nags in Macc!

The pub of choice for the rock community? Or a bland and boring bar?

To be fair, the nags has been done up as recently as two years ago. Previous to this it was in poor condition, a Robinson's pub with no pot-washer, suspect beers and fading decor. Yes it was cheap, but the lack of decoration and the general "Scrub-hole" perception put a lot of people off going here.

In moved the new landlords, and over a period of 6 months or so, the pub was transformed into a modern pub, but in the classic pub style. Excellent attention to detail, and a lot of money later, has created an excellent looking pub.

And the pub is busy as well! A residant chef brings business folk and pensioners in for lunch, and now the pub is a very respectable place to drink, the whole day long.

2 Pool Tables are available at 50 pence a game, along with two dartboards and a dual controlled jukebox, which features mainly rock music (in keeping with the old nags), showcasing everything from 70s Rock to the latest in Heavy Metal!

So how about the bar?

Well, the new nags has a much better range of drinks, as well as plenty of staff.

Robbies Bitter, or Unicorn Best Bitter as it is now known, accompanies Carling, Guinness, Strongbow, and other Robinson's offerings such as Hatters.

The bottle fridges are stocked with everything from Red Square and Smirnoff Ice alco-pops to Bud, Becks and Stella bottles.

The spirits range is also extensive, and for bar snacks Cadbury's Tasters compliment an excellent range of crisps and nuts!

Sky Sports is now shown on the television, so you can catch the latest sporting action here too!

So how about the clientelle and atmosphere?

Well there is still a heavy rock crowd, and the regulars such as Stuart "Egg Head", Matthew Kelly, Marcus and the long-haired old guy who sit resident at the bar most nights. But now the pub has moved with the times, it now attract a broader range of visitors too.

Most Friday nights, and some Saturdays and Sundays, play host to rock covers bands. After several weeks in here, you may find these bands very tedious as a lot of them are very similar.

The bands can be too loud, as can the jukebox at times, especially if you've just come in for a quiet game of pool and a chat in the front room.

The crowd should be fairly friendly, but the pub has a lot of "regulars", so you greeted with open arms as a new drinker in this establishment.

Also home to the Macclesfield Motorcycle Club, whom i believe regularly meet on Sundays.

Anyhow, enough about the pub and the folk, what are the sh*tters like?

Opening the wood and engraved frosted glass door, turn to your left to enter the sh*thouse, which is virtually the only part of the pub to still resemble the old nags.

To your immdiate left is the P*ss Stone. And vey nice it is too, four bays falling down to floor level, Onion Ring Style p*ss soaps on Metal Loops provide an excellent touch of class, and are great for p*ss! Especially when there's not much left any you are trying to P*ss Them Off!

Opposite are two crappers, nice crappers and well kept, but the pans are very low. I tend to find that you cannot get the correct leverage on your arse, usually resulting in a non-crap!

On the far wall is the single sink and mirror, and the hand dryer, nothing special here.

I'd say the highlight here is the excellent p*ss-stone.

Overall a pub which can draw very different opinions, but well presented, with an excellent Wee Trough, and the sh*t-pans, well, you can draw you're own conclusions

Pub 7/10
Sh*thouse 8/10

NEWS FLASH - SUMMER 2005 !!!!!!!!

The Nags Head bogs have had a refit!

The place was pretty much chiseled out, but leaving the original p*ss-stones in place, the motorbike photos were carefully packed away as the room had its makeover.

During the Re-fit, you had to p*ss outside in a porta-loo!!!!

The work is now finished and we're back to inspect....

The first thing you will notice is the extra light in the room, the yellow wall paint has gone, replaced with brilliant white, and the tiling now reflects the two-tone effect of the floor!

Again, the sink is the original, as is the classy old hand dryer, but we now have a mounted mirror!

The tiling now extends into the crappers too, which sit gloriously in the two tone surrounds, behind brand new Redy Brown Doors, and to top it all off there are net curtains.

Fantastic all round, but the icing on the cake is that THE P*SSERS STILL CONTAIN ONION RING STYLE SOAPS.

Good Effort all round!

Upgraded to 9/10


Update - September 2009:

Push Button Flusing Cisterns have arrived in the Gents Toilet Cubicles! See new photo!



Update - February 2010:

The Gents Cubicles have had a lick of paint, and the wood is now coloured Black!

Still Rockin! 9/10

There are currently 3 comments about The Nags Head, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Tom From Kreosote of A Bad Place

“As I recall it was xmas eve 1997 when the terrifying event took place. As is tradition my friends and I had been drinking our arses off with Buckfast, A tonic wine brewed by monks, before venturing to the Nags Head to commit ourselves to more booze riddled adventure. Having been there for a good half hour it was eventually noticed that a certain drummer had disappeared on entering the establishment and had been neither heard nor seen since. Gathering my wits I sallied forth on a noble quest to determine the drummers whereabouts. My efforts were soon rewarded as I located the cur in the Nags' toilet cubicles, sat astride the convenience, trousers round ankles, unconcious and with vomit all over the floor. Aghast at my friends downfall I immediatly leapt into action. Climbing over the cubicle door I intended to awaken the sot and remove him from the scene. My efforts were rewarded by the drunken, semi concious drummer, whose first reaction was to take a wild swing for me, forcing me to fall backward into the cubicle door with a loud crash. Eventually, and with much coaxing I managed to get the lad on his feet. Reflecting on my own heroism I opened the cubicle door - only to find that all the urinals were occupied by viscious looking individuals who were glancing violently in my direction. Their moods were not improved when the drummer walked out of the cubicle after me, clearly doing up his trousers.
The Nags toilets have since been fully refitted.”

Date: 2/19/2008 11:42:33 AM

#2: Comment left by Stuart of Macclesfield

“The Pineapple Ring Soaps are BLUE at the moment - fantastic!”

Date: 10/22/2008 8:43:11 AM

#3: Comment left by Glynn of Macc

“I would also like to add not only have the bogs been sorted i would like to give a mark of 9 /10 for the smoking area plenty of shelter, nice wooden picnic bench/tables and 2 different types of heaters. A+ effort.

PS please could we add a smokers section to the pub toilets site as there ids nothing better than a pint and a ciggy to loosen the stools.”

Date: 10/23/2008 4:41:02 PM

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