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'3 nice urinals' - photo from The Spread Eagle, Stockport
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'urinals, window, sink' - photo from The Spread Eagle, Stockport
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'Spread Eagle Loo' - photo from The Spread Eagle, Stockport
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The Spread Eagle, Stockport

The Spread Eagle
31 Lower Hillgate
Greater Manchester
  Tel: 0161 480 7057

Added: 11/1/2008
Modified: 11/1/2008 5:14:50 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

This is the pub at the front of the Robinsons Unicorn Brewery in Stockport, often refered to as the Brewery Tap.

Unfortunately we believe this pub has now closed its doors, so this review is merely a tribute.

I remember it as a long-thin pub, with a few side rooms, and of course the full-range of Robbie's offerings on tap.

The staff were nice, and we had a good time in here.

From the back of the pub, and the toilets, you could actually see into the car park / loading bays of the brewery.

The toilets had 3 urinals in, the one on the left was an unusual shape (see photo). Splash guards separated the three. They were fed from a ceiling sistern, and were set against creamy/yellowy tiles.

Opposite was a sink, hand towels, soap and mirror, Oh, and a window out to the brewery. Also a waste paper bin for discarded paper towels.

The bog was a plain white toilet bowl with a brown wood seat. It has a Toilet-Blue type thing (see photo), unusual to see in pubs. A large "Lotus" roll holder too.

The cubicle outer-walls were blue, and the inner walls were tiled in a frey pattern.

All was well kept.

What a shame this pub has gone, maybe in the future it may return.


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