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'Nice Urinals!' - photo from The Hurt Arms, Belper
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'Sink, Out Of Order Bog' - photo from The Hurt Arms, Belper
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'Toilet, Checkered Tiles' - photo from The Hurt Arms, Belper
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'Stone, Condoms, Sink Two' - photo from The Hurt Arms, Belper
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'Bay West Loo Roll Holder' - photo from The Hurt Arms, Belper
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The Hurt Arms, Belper

The Hurt Arms
Derby Rd
DE56 2EJ
  Tel: 01773 852 006

Added: 11/7/2008
Modified: 1/31/2012 5:20:32 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Hurt Arms is in the village of Ambergate, in Derbyshire. It is on the A6, with Belper to the South, and Cromford, then Matlock, to the North.

You may have just visited Arkwright's Mill, so why not pop in for a meal and a drink.

It is quite a large pub, and dominates the view when you see it, so you shouldn't miss it. It has a large car park, with disabled spaces.

Right, a beer first, then lets have a look at the menu. On tap offerings include Fosters, Kronenbourg, San Miguel, John Smiths Extra Cold, Bombardier, and Guinness.

The food menu also has some great offerings. Favourites include Steak Pie, Roast Dinners (with a different meat each day), Lasagne, Fish and Chips and Cajun Chicken. Most meals are with chips, veg or potatos etc.

Also on offer are steaks served on stone slabs!

I had a lamb roast, it was fantastic, and complemented the Guinness well. Staff were friendly and helpful, and brought me condiments on request.

The pub is set around a central bar area, with wooden seating areas all around. If you're not eating then sit back and watch Sports News on the Telly.

To find the toilets, head toward the back of the pub.

On entrance you'll see some nice urinal p*ss stones opposite, and a sink to your left. The walling consists of white tiles, with green tiles patterned in. The flooring is of classic red tiles.

The stones are pretty bang on, 5 bays with separators, fed by a cistern to the left by the cubicle, and under a frosted window.

Turn left on entrance and you'll see a second sink area, and one of the two cubicles (the other, as mentioned, is to the left of the urinals).

It has a sink, soap, dryer, and mirror, again set on the nice green and white tiling. The soap was hanging of the wall a bit, and a quick spin round revealed that the one by the other sink was missing, a design fault perhaps?

Also disappointing was the "out of order" sign on the cubicle adjacent to the sink.

The other cubicle was fine though, housed in a wooden surround, you'll feel at ease in the quality tiled wall. It has a white bog with a brown seat, and a large semi-transparent "Bay West" roll holder, which was well stocked. No bog brush in here though, maybe there is one in the out-of-order cubicle.

Back out, and a quick look at the sink opposite, the one you'll see first on entrance to the gentlemans. As mentioned, the soap is broke, so you'll have to use the other one. There is a mirror.

There is a condom machine to it's left, which flashes blue every few seconds or so, and to the left of that is an ad board above the urinals.

The toilet flushed well, and both sinks worked both hot and cold, the dryer did take a while though.

Good Pub, Excellent Food, Good Looking Bogs in need of a little love and care.


There are currently 2 comments about The Hurt Arms, Belper

#1: Comment left by Jill of London

“Not Ploughman's lunch as such, more a pile of food. No pickled onion, chutney or relish or even cheddar cheese. Nachos and big raw onion. Absolute rubbish and wish I had sent it back instead of paying 6.50!”

Date: 7/4/2011 10:41:49 AM

#2: Comment left by Wendy of Essex

“The food is disgusting. If you love your stomach, don't eat there.”

Date: 1/31/2012 3:39:02 PM

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