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'Nice P*ss Stone!' - photo from The Crompton Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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'A Cyan Bog Seat!' - photo from The Crompton Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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'Cresco towel dispenser here!' - photo from The Crompton Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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'Be Warned!' - photo from The Crompton Road Tavern, Macclesfield
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The Crompton Road Tavern, Macclesfield

The Crompton Road Tavern
51 Crompton Road
SK11 8DS
  Tel: 01625 431226

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Tavern on Crompton Road.

Situated to the Chester Road end of Crompton Road, by the mill, and on the corner of Crown Street West.

Well, this pub is something of a gem, old fashioned and unspoilt be modern fittings.

The pub is basically divided up into segments. As you enter, enter the room on your right to the bar.

A small room with a reasonable sized bar. On tap are Bank's Dark, Marstons and Burton Bitter. Prefer a lager? Carling is available at 2.30, and is a good pint. Guinness and Strongbow accompany a few spirits. There are very few bottles on offer, i did spot orange WKD, but this is very much a quiet locals pub, hence the lack of non-tap offerings.

Why not relax and enjoy your pint? retire to the room at the front left of the pub, which is basically like an old fashioned lounge. Some seating is very dated, but there are some very comfortable maroon / purple velvety seats, try one!

Nice pub features in here include a display of old medals!

To the rear of the pub is a pool room, very spacious with plenty of room to take your shots. The pool table is blue, and a quick inspection will show that it is very well kept.

There is also another seating room in the back.

This pub is great for a quiet chat with a friend, or a relaxing tipple on a sunday night.

The toilets...

On entrance you can view the whole pan room. To your right is the p*ss-stone, to the far right is the sink, and to the far left is the singular cubicle.

The p*ss stone is quite large and a fair few years old, i'd say approximately 4ft high. Piping is well presented, and the whole unit is set well with the black wall tiles, and the common red flooring tiles.

The sink, directly adjacent to the stones, is fairly basic, but will wash p*ss off your fingers without a problem. A nice 80's style Cresco paper towel dispenser is located above the sink, and there is a pump action hand wash pump too.

An attractive wooden green door, with a nice handle, opens to reveal the singular sh*t-bucket! And it is a very nice one, a light blue / cyan toilet seat is the jewel in the crown.

There was bog roll on the floor though, so not all is neat and tidy!

An amusing poster on the entrance door will catch your eye when leaving the toilet room, it reads "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be sweet and wipe the seat". Is this a good habit which should be encouraged? Maybe, maybe not, most blokes can't be arsed.

Overall a quiet friendly pub with period features, a blue pool table, nice p*ss stone and an nice coloured bog seat!

Go and have a crap there! Go to Macc and jump in a taxi, tell the driver "Take me to the tavern, i'm baking a sh*te" !!!


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