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'Nuts TV ad - they really have a low opinion of us' - photo from Barfly, Cardiff
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'Bloody right it's Out Of Order - get it fixed!' - photo from Barfly, Cardiff
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'Good array of band stickers' - photo from Barfly, Cardiff
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Barfly, Cardiff

CF10 3FD
  Tel: 02920 396 589

Added: 11/10/2008
Modified: 11/11/2008 8:44:04 AM

Not technically a pub - more of a gig venue and club - but I took a few drunken pics, so it'll get a review.

Set underground near the middle of Cardiff, Barfly enjoys a pretty solid reputation as the capital's best small venue for indie bands. Live music is on pretty much every night of the week, beer is reasonably-priced, and it's a pretty convivial atmosphere down there.

It attracts a mixture of music fans, music geeks and students - which makes it stand out a little from the rest of Cardiff on a Saturday night, which is full of chavvy Valley Boys and their nasty nasty womenfolk down on a night out. In comparison, Barfly is a haven of good banter, good beer and good bands. And the club nights are pretty decent too.

The lavvy, however, is diabolical.

I mean, SERIOUSLY. Would it REALLY be totally out-of-keeping with your indie credentials to have a toilet that wasn't a public health hazard?

The cubicles in the gents always have at least two of the following:
- broken locks
- no toilet seat
- a turd on the rim
- no bog roll
...and frequently, they'll out-do themselves and manage four out of four!

The night I took the pics, one lav was Out Of Order - bloody right it's out of order not to have two working sh*tters when your club is packed!

The p*ss stone is fine, and even when the place is rammed, the clientele are pretty good at shuffling up to make room. And the sinks have a good array of band stickers to give you some light reading while you're washing your hands.

But honestly - charge an extra 50p a ticket and clean the gents up. It's filth.

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