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'Pack Horse P*ss Stone' - photo from Pack Horse, Macclesfield
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'a good hand dryer' - photo from Pack Horse, Macclesfield
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'The Cubicle, Brush Lid Discarded' - photo from Pack Horse, Macclesfield
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Pack Horse, Macclesfield

Pack Horse
12 Chelford Road
Broken Cross
SK10 3LG
  Tel: 01625 423 077

Added: 11/14/2008
Modified: 7/3/2017 11:44:44 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Pack Horse is a large black and white building positioned adjacent to the roundabout in Broken Cross, half way between Macclesfield Town Centre, and Henbury.

Inside you will find a lovely pub with beams, ornaments, brass, period features, and a very warm atmosphere.

The pub is quite large, and has a few side rooms for pool and darts.

The bar is kind of in the middle, and serves Boddingtons Bitter and Carling Extra Cold. Boddies is 2.30 a pint.

The pool table is good, and there are plenty of comfy seats to sit on.

This pub is quite popular, and the clientelle seemed a good bunch.

The pub had various adverts on tables for entertainment, food and drink. The Steak Night sounds good!

To find the toilets, pass to the rear of the pub, where you can also get access to the ample car parking facilities.

The gents room is large, and features a p*ss stone, and two cubicles.

The stone urinal has can accomodate 5 gents, and has splash guards between each. It looks reasonably old, but in very good order.

There is a cistern above, against the cream coloured wall tiles, and there is also adverts to read. A small pair of windows also provide daylight.

There is a condom machine to the right.

Opposite is a sink, soap, mirror, and a nice "hands in" hand-dryer.

There are two cubicles to choose from, from here, to your left or to your right, lets try the one on the left...

It is quite roomy in the cubicle. Inside is a white bog, with a white seat (with a sticker on it, see photo).

There was a large roll holder, that was a bit broken, and had seen better days.

A bog brush was on hand, but someone had hung the lid on the pipes at the back, nice!

All facilities worked well, the beer was good, and we enjoyed our visit to The Pack Horse very much!


There are currently 3 comments about Pack Horse, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Sadie of Macclesfield

“This pub does not welcome outsiders they have their own little clique, be very careful. There are lots of more welcoming pubs in the Macclesfield area.”

Date: 7/20/2009 10:19:35 AM

#2: Comment left by Frank of Prestbury

“I don't know who Sadie is but she couldn't be more wrong. Very friendly landlord / landlady and staff. Mixed range of customers. Good range of beer. The fish in the loo tank have just had babies too!!”

Date: 7/11/2011 1:35:36 PM

#3: Comment left by Debbie of Hazel Grove

“We came in here one Sunday evening for a late Sunday roast. We found the Pack Horse to be a very friendly and welcoming place. We ordered the roast dinner as it had been recommended to us. We did not have to wait long and the roast dinner when it came was amazing and we really enjoyed it. The next time we are in Macclesfield we will definitely go again!”

Date: 6/19/2017 7:49:14 AM

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