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'On the way for a slash!' - photo from Kusch Bar, Macclesfield
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'4 P*ss Pots - Nice!' - photo from Kusch Bar, Macclesfield
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'Nice Sh*tter!' - photo from Kusch Bar, Macclesfield
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'2 Marble set sinks @ Kusch!' - photo from Kusch Bar, Macclesfield
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Kusch Bar, Macclesfield

Kusch Bar
85 Mill Street
SK11 6NN
  Tel: 01625 421597

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub was formerly The Bears Head, the hang-out of The Macc Lads, and was run by Ben Nevis!

Steeped in local history for his reason, but times do change. The Bear's shut it's doors in 1995, and the lads moved elsewhere when it re-opened as The Filigree and Firkin, as in their view it had become "a poncy wine-bar bistro..." and they were left asking "What the f*ck f*ck f*ck have they done with me pub..." after being informed that Tetley Bitter was not for sale! Shocking!

The Firkin was popular with young people, pub games included giant jenga and giant connect four!

Anyway... The Firkin has also passed away now, and the pub has very much become a trendy wine bar as Kusch Bar, with its sister bar now open in Dukes Court as Kusch Too!

Plain white walls work well with clever posh coloured lighting, tables are set low, ideal for the sofa seating.

The pub still has some of it's old character, the low roof helping with this.

To the bar for a drink, and there is a big selection of bottled beers and girls drinks. On tap offerings include Carlsberg and Carling, and as a link to the past Boddingtons Bitter is on offer. The Carling tastes good, and is priced at 2.35 a pint.

Walk past the bar and down the step, choose a table and relax to sup your drink.

There is a good atmosphere in here, the bar is very much full of posh and trendy folk, but should be fairly welcoming to all types.

The toilets are situated upstairs, so go back to the entrance as if to leave, and do a u-turn by the door staff.

Up the flight of stairs, turn to your left, then an immediate left again to the gents!

As you pass the door, the first think that will register in your mind will be how big the room is!

But there's not actually that much in here, infact the far wall is completely blank. To your left are the p*ss pots, four of, well piped and well spaced.

A good tiling style is in place throughout, white tiles with a band of black at the centre. Quality red tiles on the floor, common of many local pubs.

To the right of the room are two cubicles, one at either end of the sinks. The sh*tters are well set, with a wooden chest to the rear of the cistern, presumabley containing the plumbing. I bet a few birds have been nailed in here in the past!

The sinks, 2 of, are modern in style, ser into a marble type worktop. Twin mirrors are above, overall the sink area is the most presentable bit.

A condom machine is on hand, priced at 2 a pack, and hand dryers seem to be in good order.

Overall, not the pub it used to be, and a few shortcomings bog wise, but still worth a visit, and a few bevvies.


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