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'hold it in, you're nearly there!' - photo from Offa's Tavern, Prestatyn
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'The Offas P*sser' - photo from Offa's Tavern, Prestatyn
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'Naughty Vend, Sink Area' - photo from Offa's Tavern, Prestatyn
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'Durex Machine, Radiator' - photo from Offa's Tavern, Prestatyn
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'The Toilet at Offa's Tavern' - photo from Offa's Tavern, Prestatyn
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Offa's Tavern, Prestatyn

Offa's Tavern
1 High Street
LL19 9BB
  Tel: 01745 886 046

Added: 12/8/2008
Modified: 10/20/2011 5:09:37 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

You'll find Offas Tavern directly adjacent to Prestatyn Train Station. If you've just got off a train, why not walk down the railway bridge and sample this fine pub.

The pub's entrance is on the opposite side to the station, through a double door. Once inside, you can either go left to the pool room, or right to the main food room, with additional seatin in "The Old Stables".

The staff here were very friendly, and the Fosters and Guinness were both top-notch.

We sampled food too, The Chilli and Rice Special, was very nice, as was the Chocolate Cake and Cream for afters, all well priced too!

The pub seemed to have a micture of locals and tourists.

If you go in the front room, left on entrance, you can play pool at 60p a game (Blue and Red Balls!) or have ago on the Punching Machine or two fruit machines!

There was also a bar in here, but it was out of use so you'll have to bring your beers round from the main bar.

Both the ladies and gents toilets can be located from the main corridor. Both have a picture on of a punter (lady or gent respectively) crossing their legs in need of a wee (see photo).

Once in the Gents, we find a tiled room with White, Cream and Maroon colourings...

There is an old p*ss stone urinal with five or six bays, and a cistern on the right above the Naughty Vend condom machine. The stone had soap, was a little shabby, but OK. The tiling at the top of the stone was a bit f*cked, especially on the right, see photo.

In the Naughty Vend machine you can find Blue Pills, Vibrators, Blow Up Sheep, Cock Rings, Flashing Nipples, Blow-doms.

Next to this is a sink area on a maroon worktop, with two sinks, soap, dryer, and an advert. The soap seemed to be broken on our visit, and the hot tap was f*cking freezing!

To the left of these is the door to the single cubicle.

At the door end of the room is a normal Durex Condom Dispenser, and a radiator to heat the facilities.

The cubicle houses a white bog with a black plastic seat, sat on the red floor. There was a roll holder and bog roll, but I had to keep my foot on the door whilst sh*tting, as there was no lock. The flush was damageded too, kind of spinning around out of its normal position, so you'll have to give it a good fast push.

Also on the floor in here was a box from a blow-dom!

A good pub.. we loved it so much we came back 3 times in 24 hours! The bogs could do with a bit of love though!



Update - April 2009:

Unfortunately this pub has now closed, which we believe happened early march.

A shame, this was a character filled pub.

The establishment is up for lease, we hope to announce it has reopened in the near future.

There are currently 2 comments about Offa's Tavern, Prestatyn

#1: Comment left by Gary Alexander Bourne of Prestatyn

“New owners in 2010. Wishing them all the best. Will be having major revamp to pub in 2011 and Prestatyn Railway Station will complete renovation works (next door) Spotted Elvis the other night. But as the landlord bought us a pint I couldn't be sure I wasn't seeing things ;)”

Date: 11/18/2010 8:52:15 PM

#2: Comment left by Rachael of Prestatyn

“Offa's Tavern has now got a new owner, who has done a full re furb in the pub, it's now a beautiful place to go and offers a wide range of food and drink with very friendly staff. i recommend everyone to go and visit.”

Date: 10/20/2011 2:22:33 PM

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