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'The Cat's Urinals' - photo from The Cat and Fiddle, Macclesfield
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'2 Sinks, Window' - photo from The Cat and Fiddle, Macclesfield
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'Radiator, Hand Dryer' - photo from The Cat and Fiddle, Macclesfield
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'Nice Cat & Fiddle Loo' - photo from The Cat and Fiddle, Macclesfield
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The Cat and Fiddle, Macclesfield

The Cat and Fiddle
A537 Buxton Road
SK11 0AR
  Tel: 01298 23364
Web: The Cat and Fiddle

Added: 12/16/2008
Modified: 2/16/2011 2:06:10 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Cat and Fiddle, or "The Cat" as it is often referred to, on the Macclesfield to Buxton Road is England's Second Highest Pub.

A Frederic Robinson pub, the establishment is divided into two, one half used as a general pub, and one side more for dining.

The A537 is a notorious road, especially popular with Motorbikers. There is a large car park available, and in the summer is is often very busy.

Lets take a look in the pub side...

Here we find a small pub room with open fire, pool table, seating areas and a bar area. Good views can be had from the windows on a clear day.

On the bar are Unicorn, Cumbria Way and Carling, the beer is good.

The food here is also excellent, and does well for the pub. Try the Steak Pie and Robinson's Bitter meal, with Chips, Veg and Gravy, it is one of the best pie meals around!

Pool is 60p, and is a good table.

Dogs are welcome, and the staff were friendly!

The toilets can be found via a corridor at the back of the pub, which also links the two bar areas.

Enter the gents door, then go right, and enter a second door into the main chamber.

The room is very well presented, as indeed the whole pub is. The Gent's has a kind of Charcoal-Colured Granite Finish.

Turn left on entrance and past the metal dryer and radiator you will see a selection of 4 urinals, white, and neatly hung on the granite tiling. They were clean and had Green Domestos Urinal Blocks in them!

To their right are two sinks under s frosted window, with hand soap, a bin, and mirror to the right.

As mentioned, the stainless steel hand dryer is near the door, and worked sublimely. There is also a radiator to heat the room in winter.

To the right of the sinks is the single toilet cubicle.

In the loo, again nicely tiled, is a white toilet, with concealed cistern. It flushes by a modern flush-button, with wee or poo settings!

To it's left was a stainless steel loo brush, and to the right was the loo roll, also in a metal holder. The door locked, and the flush executed exsquisitely!

An Excellent Pub for Bikers, Walkers, Tourists, and general drinkers alike!


There is currently 1 comment about The Cat and Fiddle, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Unhappy customer of Buxton

“Disappointed upon arrival to find a lack of atmosphere and very unfriendly staff. Having travelled far, we were seated in an empty restaurant and despite having been advised to book. Nevertheless, we felt that this initial impression may not be a true reflection of the overall experience that the Cat and Fiddle had to offer. However, after we received what can only be described as the cold slop that resembled the Sunday carvery we thought that this initial impression was not unfounded. The service was diabolical even though there was only four tables in use in the restaurant and a smile seemed to be a part of a different language. We followed the carvery with deserts, that one again reflected the standards that had been prior set. Two of the four deserts we sent back as the custard was stone cold along with the sticky toffee pudding. The overall experience took a total of two hours which, baring in mind the main course was a self service and pre-cook, was unacceptable. No one asked whether we had enjoyed our meals, and we felt that the 60 for four cold meals and deserts was a terrible waist of time, effort and money. We will not be returning and advise those who wish for a nice Sunday lunch in a friendly atmosphere not to go to the Cat and Fiddle. ”

Date: 2/13/2011 3:21:08 PM

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