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'2 Nice Urinals' - photo from The Green Room, Macclesfield
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'Attractive Sink Area' - photo from The Green Room, Macclesfield
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'Green Room Toilet' - photo from The Green Room, Macclesfield
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'Bog, Roll, Exposed Boiler' - photo from The Green Room, Macclesfield
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'Bog Roll Everywhere' - photo from The Green Room, Macclesfield
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The Green Room, Macclesfield

The Green Room
Marlborough Court
Pickford St
SK11 6JD
Added: 12/23/2008
Modified: 5/25/2009 11:57:39 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Green Room is a pub / bar that has recently opened in the former premises of Monaco's Bar, at the front of Marlborough Court in Macclesfield.

Enter via the front on Pickford St, to find yourself next to the bar area, on your right.

The bar is delicately lit, with lots of eating areas, lit sticks, and other interesting features.

On the bar were Peroni, and Guinness. Bottles include Desperados and Corona. Wine is also available.

We chose to sit in the back bit, which overlooks Marlborough Court and Kusch Too. Infact, you can use the back door to pop out to Kusch Too as your next watering hole.

The beer was good, and at a good price, and we were quite impressed by this bar. The staff were ver friendly.

Food is also available suring the day, and there is a function room upstairs.

After a few beers, you may be asking "Where is The Brown Room"...

...upstairs, opposite the bar.

Upon mounting the stairs sucessfully, you'll see a kitchen on your right. Bear left and take the first door for the gents.

The room has a grey floor, and a nice wall tiles pattern, grey / blue belwo, and white / cream above, with a decorative border at the middle.

There are two tall urinals available, which were plumbed onto a large pipe below. They looked clean and cared for.

Opposite, by the door, is a sink, wall-mounted soap dispenser, dryer, and a nice oval mirror which tall people will be able to see into.

To the left of the urinals is a toilet cubicle.

It has a white toilet, which flushes on the right of the cistern. It has a light brown wooden seat.

There is a big roll dispenser to the side, and there was also an extra roll on top of the loo.

Look up and you'll see a domestic-style combi-boiler. This could do with being enclosed in a cupboard to stop drunks from messing with it!

The door locked all hunky dory!

A Splendid Bar, we shall be back!



This bar closed down Late April / Early May 2009, and then re-opened under new management Late May 2009 - we came back for a look around...

...the downstairs bar is now closed for a refit, whilst "The New Green Room" is upstairs in the rafters. The bar is very nice and well kept. It is well lit, and shows off the nice roof area of the formers Monaco's Bar.

The drinks prices have achnaged a little, but it was a little disappointing to find no draught lager on the opening weekend.

There is a DJ booth, and the bar is promising music for all tastes in the coming months.

From the upsairs bar, follow some steps down to the middle floor where the toilets are still located.

Basically yhese are the same bogs from the previous Green Room incarnation, the sh*thouse was in a bit of a mess though (see photo), someboday had thrown bog roll everywhere!

A good little bar, we hope to be back again soon.


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