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'Old Armitage Shanks Toilet' - photo from The Royal Hotel, Hayfield
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'Stones, Cistern, Condoms' - photo from The Royal Hotel, Hayfield
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'Urinal, Window, Radiator' - photo from The Royal Hotel, Hayfield
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'A Choice For Drying Hands' - photo from The Royal Hotel, Hayfield
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The Royal Hotel, Hayfield

The Royal Hotel
Market Street
SK22 2EP
  Tel: 01663 742 721
Web: The Royal Hotel

Added: 1/3/2009
Modified: 1/3/2009 5:19:42 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Royal Hotel can be found in the middle of Hayfield village, and is quite a large pub, serving food, and offering accomodation.

The decor in the pub is traditional, with old artefacts on the walls, including pictures and brass ware.

You'll find the bar area in the middle, with a room kind of at each corner.

Opposite the front of the bar is a room with a large open fire, great for in the winter if you've just arrived from a walk in the peaks.

In the summer time, you can also eat outside.

The bar offers several cask ales, including some from Hydes, along with Carling, Strongbow and Guinness.

We had some food, The Royal Burger (cheese burger with bacon on top, wedges), The Steakwich and a Beef Ciabatta. All were very tasty, well sized, and well priced, averaging at around 7 a head.

The chappie behind the bar was friendly, as he tapped our orders away on his touch screen till, and the chap who brung out the food was also friendly and polite.

Right, the toilets, you'll find these from the main "fireplace" room.

In the gents there is a p*ss stone, sink area, and one cubicle.

Lets see the sh*tter first... it is an old Armitage Shanks model, with a brown seat, plumbed neatly onto the cream wall tiles. The flush is on the right, as was a loo brush, and there is a large roll holder.

Some of the pipework has seen better days, and could do with a lick of paint. Also, the door had no lock, which is always disappointing.

The p*ss-stone type urinal is fairly long in size, with 5 panes of stone. It is under a window on the right, and plumbed from a cistern above to the left. It had soaps, and looked in good repair.

To it's right is a radiator, and to the left was a condom dispenser, also stocking "Male Angel" pills!

The sink area, by the entrance to the gents, is interesting...

A cream unit houses a small sink with Hot and Cold Taps. Unfortunately the soap dispenser was empty, or generally didn't work, and the old electric hand dryer to the left didn't work either!

However, soap aside, there is also a quality old pull-towel hand-towel roller to the right, which worked a treat!

A good pub and hotel, the food and drink were spelndid, but the loos could do with a little care and attention!


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