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'P*ss Trough, Yellow Soaps' - photo from Mother Macs, Manchester
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'Cistern above trough' - photo from Mother Macs, Manchester
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'Shot from the cubicle' - photo from Mother Macs, Manchester
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'Mother Macs Toilet' - photo from Mother Macs, Manchester
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Mother Macs, Manchester

Mother Macs
33 Back Piccadilly
Greater Manchester
M1 1HP
  Tel: 0161 236 1507

Added: 1/10/2009
Modified: 1/10/2009 5:35:51 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is in "Back Picadilly", which as the name suggests is a back-street behind Picadilly in Manchester.

Most people wouldn't venture down this road very easily, and the pub can look quite un-inviting. However, please don't be put off by the exterior, and it's surroundings, a great pub awaits inside.

On the bar were some Hydes offerings, as well as Boddingtons Bitter, weighing in at 2.20, and tasting great.

The pub is essentially an L-Shape, round a small bar. There is ample seating, and television including Sky Sports. The pub decor is traditional, anc very comfortable, and the locals were a friendly mix.

There was one chap in with an electronic voicebox, one who couldn't speak at all, and a Chinese lady in selling DVDs in the gents!

The loos are located at the back of the pub, past the bar, and opposite an alternative side-entrance to the pub, also frequented by smokers.

On entrance, there is a large metal trough on your white, with yellow p*ss soap cakes in it. This was in good condition, and set well against the white tiled wall. The floor is grey coloured.

The p*ss trough is fed from a cermaic cistern above, see photo.

Opposite the trough urinal are 2 sinks, with hot and cold, pink soap, a mirror above, and a dryer to the left.

At the end of the room, to the right of the sinks, is the single cubicle.

Unfortunatley the maroon coloured door dint lock, but did close too ok. However, there was lots of room inside, a white bog, black seat, and geese-sh*t-green cistern cover. There was also lots of roll and a bog brush.

The loo flushed ok, but the cubicle was a bit grotty, and could do with a clean.

A good pub - 6/10!

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