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'Urinals at The Queens Arms' - photo from The Queens Arms, Glossop
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'Urinals, Condoms' - photo from The Queens Arms, Glossop
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'Sink, Pull-Down Towels' - photo from The Queens Arms, Glossop
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'Plenty of Loo Roll' - photo from The Queens Arms, Glossop
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The Queens Arms, Glossop

The Queens Arms
1 Shepley Street
SK13 7RZ
  Tel: 01457 862 451
Web: The Queens Arms

Added: 1/26/2009
Modified: 1/26/2009 10:50:03 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Queens is in the Old Glossop area of Glossop Town, and canbe found on a corner on Shepley Street.

It is a fair sized establishment, with picnic tables outside for the summer.

On entrance you'll get a good waft of food smell from the kitchen on your immediate right, and yes, this is a food pub.

On the bar were several tipples, served by a smashing bar girl! The Black Sheep Bitter and Boddingtons seemed attractive choices too.

We sat down at our tables and took in the traditional scenery and decor, including Vanity Fair prints on the walls!

A quick ponder at the menu made up our minds on the food, we opted for the Roast Dinner (pork) which came with Soup as starter, and the Pie Of The Day (cottage pie) which came with Chips or Veg for just 5.55!

A nice your waitress took our order, and another nice girl brung out our scran.

The food was good, not mega, but good for the price, and the beer slipped down splendidly too.

It was soon time to visit the Gentleman's Facilities, which were down a corrisor past the kitchen.

Through the Maroon Red Door, you'll see 4 urinals to your right, a cubicle on your left, and a sink area opposite.

The room is tiled white, with a nice blue mosaic border at middle height. It was well lit in here, if a little cold.

4 Urinals occupy the room, in neat sets of 2. They had p*ss soap and smelt fine.

The Cistern for these is above, again clean and well kept, and there is a condom machine on your right.

The sink area is in a corner in front of the frosted window that backs onto the garden / smoking area. It features a Sink, Sink, Mirror, Paper Towel Dispenser, and Radiator. All good, but there was no soap on our visit.

Into the bog, the toilet is white with a black seat and plenty of bog roll! A bog brish is available for your use too! The bog flush handle looked like it had seen better days, and was a bit limp.

The red door locked just great!

A Food Pub, Fair Food and Drink, with Good Loos!


There is currently 1 comment about The Queens Arms, Glossop

#1: Comment left by Ivan of Old Glossop

“Your comments are fair and true...

However if you go to... this page will see how the toilet looked after the flood!”

Date: 1/26/2009 10:38:26 PM

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