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'The old Abariginals P*ss Stone!' - photo from The Lounge, Macclesfield
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'Not Much Room to Crap!' - photo from The Lounge, Macclesfield
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'Sink & Stone, Side by Side.' - photo from The Lounge, Macclesfield
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'The Inner Workings!' - photo from The Lounge, Macclesfield
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The Lounge, Macclesfield

The Lounge
27 Pickford St
SK11 6JD
Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 6/1/2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Formerly the site of Abariginals, Macclesfield's australian themed bar.

Abariginals benefited from being one of only two venues in town which had a 12 O'clock door, the other being Cuban Knights (every othe establishment in town is subject to a bye-law which dictates that nobody can be let-in after 10:30!)

Then one day, in summer 2003, Chicago Rock Cafe opened and stole most of this bar's trade, and Abo's was no more.

A shame, but things move on, and The Lounge @ Macclesfield opened in 2004, based upon the lounge in Manchester.

The whole place has been overhauled. The bar is now situated at the far end and all Abo's features have gone.

The pub-decor is very sophisticated, wood and laminate, attractive metal work and plain walls with posh lighting. Plenty of seating is available in various seating clusters.

The bar itself is short but attractive, well lit and well stocked. If youre not up for wine and spirits, you'll be pleased to know there is also a good range of beers. On draught are Carling, Guinness and Strongbow, and on pump is Boddingtons.

Carling is 2.50, a bit pricey, but it tastes good.

Relax to the subtle music, or watch it on the large plasma screen, not much else to do but a good place to chat to friends, or chat up a tart!

To toilets at Abariginals were quite amusing, the gents was called "Bruce's" and the ladies was called "Sheila's", lets check out the lounge bogs...

The original p*ss-stone is still in place, fairly standard, set against the red-tile floor, piped up in a t-shape and smelling of rotting p*ss, nice!

The sh*tter looks like it has been refurbished since the bar became the lounge, a new looking plain white bog set against black wall tiles looks good.

Back out of the cubicle, you see the small sink, soap dispenser and hand dryer.

Overall, not the biggest of spaces for bogs, but they could do more with it if they tried, especially given the amount of money they have spent on the bar itself.

Pub 7/10, Bogs 6/10


Update May 2008...

We were in here last night, not too late, probably about 11-12pm.

There weren't many folk in, I think this bar is now used as a stop-off to Chicago Rock Cafe in general.

Music was ok, plenty of seats. We initially ordered Guinness, to be told that it had gone, so we opted for John Smiths Extra Smooth Bitter.

A good priced pint, 2.30 ish, but a mistake. It tasted foul. Couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with it, but it tasted grim.

Anyway, a trip to the bogs was in order before going off to Gordon's Takeaway (know called Treasure House).

The P*ss Stone was as i'd always remebered, but there was a treat lurking in the bog (see new photo).

The top of the toilet cistern was missing, revealing the orange ball-cock, great to see!

Generally though the bog was a bit dirty and covered in p*ss, not to everyones tastes!

All in all, the same old lounge 6/10

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